Usage examples for Judged

  1. " Time passed so fast that I had been there four hours before he judged it was safe to bring me home. – Banked Fires by E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi
  2. She judged that she had succeeded pretty well. – The Unwilling Vestal by Edward Lucas White
  3. I judged him to be twenty- five. – First Person Paramount by Ambrose Pratt
  4. And I have thought of you so much since you went away, and blamed myself because I had judged you so harshly, and wondered that you could listen to me so patiently, and never bear me any malice for what I said. – Tales From Two Hemispheres by Hjalmar Hjorth Boysen
  5. He was greatly attracted towards this new acquaintance, whom, by his speech and dress and ease of manner, he judged to belong to the same caste as his lost but ever- remembered goddess. – The Fortunate Youth by William J. Locke
  6. That's what we all thought- at least, you would have judged so by the way everybody called their children in, and any one that had a pet cat or dog went almost crazy till it was out of harm's way. – Lucile Triumphant by Elizabeth M. Duffield
  7. Nothing is more trying in misfortune than the ill- judged advice of well- meaning friends. – The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Frank Preston Stearns
  8. We are commanded in the holy Bible to judge not, lest we be judged again. – The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss
  9. I judge others by what they do, and I expect to be judged in the same way. – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  10. He judged her in secret when he should have trusted or blamed her openly. – Old Kensington by Miss Thackeray
  11. They, on the other hand, continued to assure him, and, as far as can now be judged, to assure him with perfect truth, that it was altogether out of their power to effect what he wished. – The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 5 (of 5) by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  12. The two men apparently bore no relation to each other, though they were walking in the same direction, bound, I judged, for the highway below. – The Siege of the Seven Suitors by Meredith Nicholson
  13. I've suffered enough for it these many years, and I trust that it will not be forgotten that I have so, when I'm called up to be judged- as we all shall, if this book is true, as I fully believe it to be. – Poor Jack by Frederick Marryat
  14. And their value is judged wholly by their being a means of bringing those whom they touch face to face with the Christ that died. – Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation by S. D. Gordon
  15. Ugo had once or twice mentioned Temistocle to her, and she judged from the few words he had let fall that the fellow was a scoundrel, who would sell his soul for money. – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
  16. When I at last returned to your room, I judged that you were fast asleep, and I decided not to disturb you. – The Red Acorn by John McElroy
  17. 31, if they should be judged necessary. – Advice to the people in general, with regard to their health by Samuel Auguste David Tissot
  18. At last an officer in the boat made signs of a want of water, which it was judged would indicate his wish of landing. – A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay by Watkin Tench
  19. In the first and second we judge ourselves, in the last we are judged. – Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors by James Freeman Clarke
  20. " You do not comprehend, sir, the state of affairs, or you would see that a procedure of that kind would be extremely ill- judged at this time. – The Late Mrs. Null by Frank Richard Stockton