Definitions of joking

  1. characterized by jokes and good humor
  2. of Joke
  3. Uttering jokes.
  4. Utterance of jokes.

Antonyms for joking

humourless, humorless, earnest, serious, no-nonsense, po-faced, unsmiling, sedate, grave, weighty, unhumorous, staid, uncomic, severe, solemn, sober, sobersided.

Quotes of joking

  1. My way of joking is to tell the truth. That's the funniest joke in the world. – Muhammad Ali
  2. Life is too short not to do a little practical joking – Krista Allen
  3. The joke that I make is that there are instances on the TV series that happen to me, - except on Sex and the City they always make it better or worse than real life and I am actually saying that in a joking way. – Candace Bushnell
  4. You may have read that I went to M. I. T. In 1982 I filled out a Who's Who survey with joking responses, and they never bothered to check the facts. – Chevy Chase
  5. But enough joking I am singing. This is all my life. – Placido Domingo
  6. I like working solo and it was a lot of fun joking around with the audience, saying things. I'm only just learning how to do certain things. – Art Garfunkel
  7. I flew into New York for the Raising Arizona audition, and we just started joking around. – John Goodman
  8. And I'm walking along and we're laughing, kidding, joking and see he understood the leader, the one we called the leader, had some knowledge of English, although limited. – Betty Hill
  9. I try to visit people in hospitals when I can, smiling and joking while I'm there. But when I leave, I just start crying. – Loretta Lynn
  10. I'm not joking around when I've said occasionally, trying to learn how to play a D chord properly has been a very big thing for me. – Lou Reed
  11. We would make songs, and the producers said we should play it for my dad. I was kind of scared, I didn't know what to think cuz we were just joking around. – Lil' Romeo
  12. My joking answer to this question is that I leave a bowl of milk out on the back porch every night for the Idea Fairy. In the morning, the milk is gone and there's a brand -new shiny idea by the bowl. – Sarah Zettel

Usage examples for joking

  1. " Don't you know that I was only joking – The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
  2. Elsie gazed earnestly in his face for an instant, saying in a half- frightened tone, " You are only joking Mr. Travilla." – Elsie Dinsmore by Martha Finley
  3. " Hardly worth while keeping that in an account," he said, with the intention of joking – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
  4. Oh, he's only joking – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store by Laura Lee Hope
  5. She went out to the great hall where she found Tirant joking with the maidens. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  6. The old gentleman's voice fell, and she could no longer suspect him of joking – Imaginary Interviews by W. D. Howells
  7. In a joking incredulous manner he replied, " Well, then, I am a Catholic, too." – The Pines of Lory by John Ames Mitchell
  8. I was only joking – Somehow Good by William de Morgan
  9. " I'm sure you think it, though you're half joking said Tom Sedley. – The Tenants of Malory Volume 1 of 3 by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  10. Now, Grandmother, you're joking – Mother Stories by Maud Lindsay
  11. " Perhaps she was joking thought Olive to herself. – A Christmas Posy by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth
  12. Lucien looked at me, thinking I was joking – Adventures of a Young Naturalist by Lucien Biart
  13. But Jeff was not in the mood for any joking this morning. – A Little Hero by Mrs. H. Musgrave
  14. " Oh, I'm joking of course," " Bob" said, seriously. – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  15. " You are joking me; they are not due until day after to- morrow," I said as I took my lips away and began to hurry us both towards the barn. – The Golden Bird by Maria Thompson Daviess
  16. I'm not joking mind. – Jezebel's Daughter by Wilkie Collins
  17. Are you joking now, or serious? – Esther by Henry Adams
  18. Are you joking or is this sober earnest? – My Strangest Case by Guy Boothby
  19. Joking apart, I think 'L'Ami Fritz' is very fond of his- he hesitated, then ended his sentence with Old Dutch! – The Chink in the Armour by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  20. " Pardon me, I am so little accustomed to joking he replied, and a blush of shame rose to his face. – Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann