Definitions of jimmy

  1. a short crowbar; " in England they call a jimmy and jemmy"
  2. to move or force, especially in an effort to get something open; " The burglar jimmied the lock", " Raccoons managed to pry the lid off the garbage pail"
  3. A short crowbar used by burglars in breaking open doors.
  4. A short crowbar used by burglars.
  5. A short bar used by burglars in breaking open doors.

Usage examples for jimmy

  1. Seeing that you are here, Jimmy, I think we will find out just how much these little folks know about you. – The-Burgess-Animal-Book-for-Children by Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
  2. " That's so," said Jimmy. – Jimmy, Lucy, and All by Sophie May
  3. " He comes here, in an awful rush, about ten o'clock," said Jimmy, " and wants to see you. – Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist by John T. McIntyre
  4. I asked what there was so wonderful about " old Jimmy Pethel" that every one should be supposed to know him. – James Pethel by Max Beerbohm
  5. " Lead me to it," said Jimmy. – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster
  6. For one thing, she did not love Jimmy. – Northwest! by Harold Bindloss
  7. That's Jimmy Maddux above us- kid him along, Spud! – The Finding of Haldgren by Charles Willard Diffin
  8. Well done, little Jimmy! – Cecil Castlemaine's Gage, Lady Marabout's Troubles, and Other Stories by Ouida
  9. I thought every one knew old Jimmy Pethel. – James Pethel by Max Beerbohm
  10. You with long hair, Jimmy! – Captain Jim by Mary Grant Bruce
  11. " Perhaps you are right, Jimmy," he admitted. – The Zeppelin's Passenger by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  12. But after he had had a bad fright one day, when dog Spot chased him away from the lettuce- bed, Jimmy Rabbit did not go near the garden for a long time. – The Tale of Billy Woodchuck by Arthur Scott Bailey
  13. " There are our chairs," said Molly, starting toward the railing where the ever handy- man, Jimmy, had lashed the two steamer chairs. – Molly Brown's Orchard Home by Nell Speed
  14. But Jimmy wasn't there. – The Strength of Gideon and Other Stories Strength of Gideon; Mammy Peggy's Pride; Viney's Free Papers; The Fruitful Sleeping of The Rev. Elisha Edwards; The Ingrate; The Case of 'Ca'line'; The Finish of Patsy Barnes; One Man's Fortunes; Jim's Probation; U by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  15. I know because of the marks his jimmy made on the sill. – Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective by Ellis Parker Butler
  16. Well, who is Jimmy going to marry then? – Turn About Eleanor by Ethel M. Kelley
  17. " I will go on two conditions," said Jimmy. – The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by Various
  18. Jimmy, I want you to meet my darling and adorable little friend, Marie Ledesma. – Eve to the Rescue by Ethel Hueston
  19. " Glad you look at it so," said Jimmy. – Foe-Farrell by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  20. I'd have worried most awful if I'd had to leave Jimmy all alone. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery