Definitions of JI

  1.   a clandestine group of southeast Asian terrorists organized in 1993 and trained by al- Qaeda; supports militant Muslims in Indonesia and the Philippines and has cells in Singapore and Malaysia and Indonesia

Usage examples for JI

  1. Then Carlin caught his arm, carried him forward and to her at the same time, as she whispered: " You were perfect, Skag- ji – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  2. Several other myths scarcely less remarkable are to be found in the Ko- ji ki and Nihongi; but they are mingled with legends of so light and graceful a kind that it is scarcely possible to believe these latter to have been imagined by the same race. ” – Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation by Lafcadio Hearn
  3. And I helped them- is that not so, Mahatma- ji – Caves of Terror by Talbot Mundy
  4. “ Mrs. Gupta tried to cheer the servant with this information but he wailed: Ma- ji I am afraid. ” – Bengal Dacoits and Tigers by Maharanee Sunity Devee
  5. Story by Lalla- ji the Priest He loved the Plant with a keen delight, A passionate fervour, strange to see, Tended it ardently, day and night, Yet never a flower lit up the tree. ” – India's Love Lyrics by Adela Florence Cory Nicolson (AKA Laurence Hope), et al.
  6. “ " Haul away," roars the Bo'sun, " Abadeo Na nu de um oro de Kri Kri," join in the hoarse- voiced Kruboys, " Ji na oi," answers the excited Shoo Fly, and off goes that log again. ” – West African studies by Mary Henrietta Kingsley
  7. “ " Forgive me, I have high fever, Ma- ji he shivered, addressing her by the honoured name of mother, as is the custom of Indian servants in an Indian household. ” – Bengal Dacoits and Tigers by Maharanee Sunity Devee
  8. Oh dear no, Mahatma- ji I am not at all fearful! ” – Caves of Terror by Talbot Mundy
  9. The usual negative particle is ji which is suffixed, e. ” – The Khasis by P. R. T. Gurdon
  10. Then, having overheard a conversation in his garden between two eunuchs- placed there for that purpose- he got together a few belongings, took his faithful caique- ji and travelled a- field. ” – The Veiled Lady and Other Men and Women by F. Hopkinson Smith
  11. Ji Kitty's cousin gave them to me. ” – Missy by Dana Gatlin
  12. Your club seems to pay, shet- ji – By-Ways of Bombay by S. M. Edwardes, C.V.O.
  13. He had been told by Horace Dickson that " ji used intimately was " nicer" than any English word. ” – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  14. “ O, what is that, Ganesha- ji – Caves of Terror by Talbot Mundy
  15. Only the sorrow that over- shadows thy house, Gul Moti- ji – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  16. “ " Oh, Ma- ji he sobbed like a child, " I obey, but my heart is heavy." ” – Bengal Dacoits and Tigers by Maharanee Sunity Devee

Rhymes for JI