Definitions of jar

  1. To sound harshly or discordantly; to be inconsistent; to clash; to quarrel; to vibrate regularly; to repeat the same sound.
  2. To cause a short, tremulous motion of, to cause to tremble, as by a sudden shock or blow; to shake; to shock; as, to jar the earth; to jar one's faith.
  3. To tick; to beat; to mark or tell off.
  4. To cause to shake by a sudden shock; jolt.
  5. To shake:- pr. p. jarr'ing; pa. p. jarred.
  6. To shake.
  7. To cause to tremble or shake; agitate.
  8. To give forth a rudely quivering or tremulous sound; to sound harshly or discordantly; as, the notes jarred on my ears.
  9. To act in opposition or disagreement; to clash; to interfere; to quarrel; to dispute.
  10. Give out a harsh sound; to have a disagreeable effect.
  11. To make a harsh discordant sound: to quarrel: to be inconsistent.
  12. To clash; quarrel; be inconsistent.
  13. place in a jar
  14. affect in a disagreeable way; " This play jarred the audience"
  15. move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion
  16. To rattle.
  17. To clash; conflict.
  18. To shake or tremble.
  19. To shake; to cause to tremble; to cause a short tremulous motion in.
  20. Jarring.
  21. a vessel ( usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
  22. place in a cylindrical vessel; " jar the jam"
  23. A turn. [ Only in phrase.]
  24. A deep, broad- mouthed vessel of earthenware or glass, for holding fruit, preserves, etc., or for ornamental purposes; as, a jar of honey; a rose jar.
  25. The measure of what is contained in a jar; as, a jar of oil; a jar of preserves.
  26. Clash of interest or opinions; collision; discord; debate; slight disagreement.
  27. A regular vibration, as of a pendulum.
  28. In deep well boring, a device resembling two long chain links, for connecting a percussion drill to the rod or rope which works it, so that the drill is driven down by impact and is jerked loose when jammed.
  29. A deep, broad- mouthed vessel of earthenware or glass; a shake produced by a sudden shock; jolt; harsh sound; conflict of opinion or interest.
  30. A harsh rattling sound: clash of interests or opinions: discord.
  31. An earthen or glass bottle with a wide mouth: a measure.
  32. A shaking; discord; vessel of glass or earthenware.
  33. A shaking, as from a sudden shock.
  34. A discordant sound; discord; strife.
  35. A deep, wide mouthed vessel of earthenware or glass.
  36. A rattling vibration of sound; a harsh sound; clash of interests or opinions; discord; debate; repetition of the noise made by the pendulum of a clock.
  37. A vessel made of earth or glass; what a jar holds.
  38. An earthenware pot or vessel of variable shape and dimensions.
  39. A harsh rattling vibration of sound; harsh vibration or sensation; a quarrel; a clash of interests or opinions.
  41. Jarred.