Usage examples for JA

  1. Ja, said he, so iss it besser oursellufs dot gefrozenss herd von elephanten to discover, und, by and by, die elephanten bei der Pronx Bark home yet again once more to bring. – Police!!! by Robert W. Chambers
  2. " Ja, a little now and then when it is useful. – The Dop Doctor by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  3. I wisht we could go back, Ja- We can't go back! – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  4. Ib Act concerning Mr. Ja. – The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland by Church of Scotland. General Assembly
  5. And Anna, in a submissive whisper, had answered, Ja! – Good Old Anna by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  6. While this narrative was proceeding, Martin, who was standing by him saying " Ja" and " Neen" at intervals, as Adrian foresaw he would, had unbuckled the great sword Silence, and in an abstracted manner was amusing himself by throwing it towards the ceiling hilt downwards, and as it fell catching it in his hand. – Lysbeth A Tale Of The Dutch by H. Rider Haggard
  7. Na- yud- ja, the first king of this Divinely- founded capital, also memorialises in his name the place which became the nucleus of the ancient Hindu empire. – Through the Malay Archipelago by Emily Richings
  8. Li ja ne povas deziri, ke mi ne plenumu promeson mian. – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  9. Nur spirite mi renkontis miajn amikojn, ili ja estas paperamikoj! – The Esperantist, Complete by Various
  10. So he merely said " Ja, so- long," and continued his way. – The Sign of the Spider by Bertram Mitford
  11. Berhaps, to opliche matame, I could dransbose de aggombaniments- ja? – English Society by George Du Maurier
  12. " It vas goot, ja," murmured Jan Steenbock to himself, wiping his watering mouth with the back of his jacket sleeve and sniffing up a prolonged sniff of the odorous stew. – The Island Treasure by John Conroy Hutcheson
  13. Diese edlen jungen Manner- sie sind ja so liebenswurdig! – The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) Last Updated: February 18, 2009
  14. Warrant for examination of Mr. Ja. – The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland by Church of Scotland. General Assembly
  15. Ja, Hans would answer, laughing, run avay. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  16. Wir wollen uns den grauen Tag 15 Vergolden, ja vergolden! – A Book Of German Lyrics by Various
  17. " Ja zo," agreed Jan Steenbock. – The Island Treasure by John Conroy Hutcheson
  18. Nana, the governor of the lower Benin or Jakri, could not see in the downfall of Ja Ja that the British Government were not to be trifled with by any petty king or governor of these rivers; though Nana was a most intelligent native, he had the temerity to show fight against the Protectorate officials, and of course he quickly found out his mistake, but alas! – West African studies by Mary Henrietta Kingsley
  19. You will know, for my sake, some scrap of German- ja? – The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  20. Ja, Men'eer, says one of the women, congratulations! – The Valley of Vision by Henry Van Dyke