Definitions of J. T. Grein

  1. An Anglo-Dutch attorney, journalist, playwright, and dramatic critic; born in Amsterdam, Oct. 11, 1862. He was educated in Holland, Germany, and Belgium, and from 1879 to 1885 was engaged in the East India trade and banking. He is at present an attorney in London, besides being dramatic critic of Life and the Westminster Review, London editor of three papers in Holland, and correspondent of several French and German journals. In 1891 he founded the Independent Theatre Society. Besides "A Man's Love", produced in 1889 with C. W. Jarvis as co-author, and other plays, his works include( in Dutch): "Dramatic Essays"( 1884); "Silhouettes"( short novels), published in 1885; "London: Wealth and Poverty"( 1890); "Twixt Light and Dark", short stories.