Quotes of invitation

  1. I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination. – Scott Adams
  2. I'm not about to talk about what's romantic in my life- I figure if you talk about it once- then that's an open invitation for everyone to dig into your personal life even further. – James Van Der Beek
  3. If every call to Christ and His righteousness is a call to suffering, the converse is equally- every call to suffering is a call to Christ, a promotion, an invitation to come up higher. – Charles Bent
  4. The review process was conducted in an extremely bipartisan manner. Minority members of the Judiciary Committee were responsible for the invitation of 1/3 of the witnesses who appeared. – Jo Bonner
  5. So many plays with magic in them that would be a terrific invitation to an imaginative animation team. – Kenneth Branagh
  6. I thank you for your kind invitation to introduce me to the president of the Republic. Since I have not been out of my atelier for two months, I have no appropriate costume for this circumstance. Please excuse me. – Camille Claudel
  7. An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court. – William Feather
  8. Today, the US spends less on defense as a percentage of our economy than we did at any time since he Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For the world's only superpower, that is an invitation to very serious trouble. – Steve Forbes
  9. This nation can no longer tolerate the autonomous conduct of any single service. A waste of the resources of America in spendthrift defense is an invitation to disaster for America. – Louis A. Johnson
  10. If I have to climb to heaven on a ladder, I shall decline the invitation – Mercedes McCambridge
  11. The only man who is really free is the one who can turn down an invitation to dinner without giving an excuse. – Jules Renard
  12. So on May 1, 1987, at Gary's invitation I agreed to see him one last time- to confront him face -to -face about his sincerity and with the intention of ending our brief relationship. – Donna Rice
  13. You could not receive a young man in your room; you might be permitted to have him to tea in one of the public reception rooms, but you could accept no invitation from young men to tea or other entertainment without a chaperone from the College. – Dora Russell
  14. It was not possible to film in California, because all the areas are heavily built up now. Coming to Cape Town is an invitation to step into the past and recreate Los Angeles of the 1930s. – Robert Towne
  15. It was a woman's bedroom, actually a boudoir, and no man belonged in it except by invitation – Kathleen Winsor

Usage examples for invitation

  1. I want you to send her an invitation for our party to- night. – Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde
  2. There was no name known to me in London from whom an invitation could have come which I should have thought a greater honour. – Life and Character of Richard Carlile by George Jacob Holyoake
  3. Well, he said slowly, he has certainly been asking for trouble in one or two ways, and this seems another invitation – Simon by J. Storer Clouston
  4. Dr. Watkins came out, too, by special invitation but he asked if he might be permitted to pay a visit to Elisabeth while the rest were preparing the meal, in view of the fact that he was not skilled as a cook, and felt himself to be too old to learn in one lesson. – Ethel Morton's Holidays by Mabell S. C. Smith
  5. Two days later I got my invitation – Gossamer 1915 by George A. Birmingham
  6. Philpot stayed to tea and accepted an invitation to spend Christmas Day with them, and to come to Frankie's party on the Monday after. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell
  7. The old man was not proof against the invitation – Witness For The Defence by A.E.W. Mason
  8. This invitation Andy was very glad to accept. – Andy Grant's Pluck by Horatio Alger
  9. His mother called on mine, who returned the call- but there was no invitation for us to dine in Portland Place. – The Martian by George Du Maurier
  10. In response to her rather dramatic invitation Dick turned his head, and did as he was requested. – Lola by Owen Davis
  11. Therefore it was a surprised and delighted Clara who received her invitation the next day, and to Edna's great satisfaction all the good in the girl rose to the occasion. – A Dear Little Girl at School by Amy E. Blanchard
  12. He carried his invitation card in his hand. – Roger Ingleton, Minor by Talbot Baines Reed
  13. We were compelled to accept his invitation – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  14. Is Mr. Blood here on your invitation Miss Baxter? – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  15. So, when he sent me that invitation and I talked it over with Kirk, I thought I ought to accept it. – Frank Merriwell's Reward by Burt L. Standish
  16. " A bit different, this, to the Newey Valley," he remarked, as he sat down without waiting for an invitation – The Golden Web by Anthony Partridge
  17. The Ethels were quite right when they guessed that he accepted the invitation because he hoped to see Miss Merriam there. – Ethel Morton's Holidays by Mabell S. C. Smith
  18. It was less an invitation than a command. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  19. I'd not likely have the luck to get another invitation right then to go riding with a friendly young lady. – Wyoming, a Story of the Outdoor West by William MacLeod Raine
  20. So Montague gave him his address, and a day or two later came an invitation to lunch with him at his club. – The Metropolis by Upton Sinclair

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