Usage examples for inundation

  1. In addition to periodicals, Germany pours over the Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking world a constant inundation of fly- leaves, photographs, pamphlets, books and miscellaneous war literature, preaching German strength, efficiency, humanity, and even the democratic character of German institutions. – South America and the War by F. A. Kirkpatrick
  2. The pack would close in over the caribou like an inundation. – Baree, Son of Kazan by James Oliver Curwood
  3. It was an inundation sweeping down out of the blackness of the skies. – Baree, Son of Kazan by James Oliver Curwood
  4. They must have been broken to pieces had they been swept along by a violent inundation. – The Student's Elements of Geology by Sir Charles Lyell
  5. Neither was this overflowing an event of rare occurrence, but was to be constantly expected after a long continuance of the rainy seasons, when the torrents which rushed from the mountainous ridges which overlooked the channel of the river never failed to produce a rapid swelling of its waters, and to cause an inundation of greater or less extent, and injury more or less destructive to the inhabitants of its vicinity. – The Present Picture of New South Wales (1811) by David Dickinson Mann
  6. It is to the middle Tertiary, then, that the earliest flows and the largest bulk of the great inundation belong. – The Elements of Geology by William Harmon Norton
  7. Water, declared the messenger, would actually rain in droplets from the sky in so great a quantity, and for so great a time, sufficient as to drown all the earth even unto the inundation of the tops of the highest mountain peaks, because of the perpetual wickedness of men. – Si'Wren of the Patriarchs by Roland Cheney
  8. He was delirious, and he had gone in that condition into the filthy chill waters of the inundation. – The Amazing Interlude by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  9. The canal and the river Yser, from Ypres to the sea, were capable of wide inundation which would afford excellent cover and protection all along that battle front. – 1914 by John French, Viscount of Ypres
  10. Having arrived in the summer before the inundation, Bonaparte had employed the first moments in gaining possession of Alexandria and the capital, which he had secured by the battle of the Pyramids. – History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 12 (of 12) by S. Rappoport
  11. I ought to have noticed that here and there along the banks coming up, almost on the river's level and exposed to inundation at each high water, you pass dairy- farms, consisting of a shanty, or tumble- down house, and a few acres of rank and muddy pasture, where ague seems to sit brooding on the branches of the trees, whose trunks and limbs yet bear the traces of last season's flood. – Two Years in Oregon by Wallis Nash
  12. I see the inundation sweet, I hear the spending of the stream Through years, through men, through Nature fleet, Through love and thought, through power and dream. – The Last Harvest by John Burroughs
  13. I hear and see the inundation and eternal spending of the stream, in winter and in summer, in men and animals, in passion and thought. – The Last Harvest by John Burroughs
  14. As we drop that part of the statute, we must, by negative words, prevent an inundation of common law treasons. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson
  15. The prayer for rain is one of the earliest forms of religious appeal, but the request for a plentiful inundation was earlier still. – The Evolution of the Dragon by G. Elliot Smith
  16. A few minutes more, and the whole country was covered with a low- lying fog, on whose upper surface the moon shone, making it appear to Donal's wondering eyes a wide- spread inundation, from which rose half- submerged houses and stacks and trees. – Donal Grant by George MacDonald
  17. All is changed by the inundation. – Cities of the Dawn by J. Ewing Ritchie
  18. Feeling the full importance of the moment, Count Louis ordered a large force of musketeers to recover the position, and to complete the work of inundation. – The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74 by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: January 25, 2009
  19. The disposal of the water- supply was a constant source of dispute between the two rival cities; and Agis now prepared to turn the whole volume of the fountain towards Mantinea, expecting that the Mantineans, when they saw their fields threatened with inundation, would come down into the plain to hinder the mischief. – Stories From Thucydides by H. L. Havell