Usage examples for instigation

  1. He is now in deep trouble, and is held a prisoner in New York, at the instigation of the Adams Express Company, who charge him with having robbed them of some fifty thousand dollars. – The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
  2. She had done this at the instigation of Maurice, who had expressed his belief that the favourable influence of the Advocate would make success certain and who had represented to her that, as he was himself resolved never to marry, the inheritance after his death would fall to her son Frederick Henry. – The Life of John of Barneveld, 1609-15, Volume I. by John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009
  3. It was a wonder that the two midshipmen did not break their necks out hunting, or finish themselves off in some other way, but happily, while still sound in limb, both they, Jack, and Terence received orders to join a ship fitting out for the East Indies, the arrangement having been made, at Sir John's instigation, by their old friend Admiral Triton. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  4. He gave, when asked, information as to the direction of the railroad at the foot of the western slope of the range, and at the same instigation found a trail for them some miles beyond their starting point. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  5. Sessions are normally public; but by vote of an absolute majority, taken at the instigation of the president or of ten members, either body may decide to consider a specific subject behind closed doors. – The Governments of Europe by Frederic Austin Ogg
  6. You removed, or, more plainly, you murdered Lord Lydstone at the instigation of your accomplice- is that so? – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths
  7. At the entrance to the town hall, the two men, at Seaman's instigation, parted, making their way inside by different doors. – The Great Impersonation by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  8. This displeased her, particularly as Appleboro had at her instigation included Mr. John Flint in its most exclusive list, and there were invitations she was determined he should accept. – Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler
  9. Our bank, therefore, stands uncontaminated by that revolting perfidy which, at the instigation of Biddle and the Barings, brought all the other banks, in which there are Whig directors or officers, into the most wicked conspiracy recorded in history. – Quodlibet by John P. Kennedy