Usage examples for insistence

  1. With polite insistence he repeated, " Would you mind telling me why I am arrested, and who you might happen to be?" – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis
  2. She went with him, pale and silent, and Jim led her through shop after shop and forced her, by good- natured insistence, to buy baby clothes. – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman
  3. Kelley, with pitiless insistence, drew his pay regularly, and when funds were not forthcoming, refused to act as crystal- gazer and spirit interpreter. – Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters by H. Addington Bruce
  4. But Mrs. Stanton went on with the sharp insistence of one who had discovered an opportunity and proposed to make the most of it. – All-Wool Morrison by Holman Day
  5. Her black eyes fixed him with a keen insistence. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  6. But when upon her insistence he admitted her to his room one afternoon she found nothing to confirm her suspicions. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  7. Finally, assuming the geographical conditions give reasonable promise of contact, a quick decision, which modern war demands with ever greater insistence, is more probable. – Some Principles of Maritime Strategy by Julian Stafford Corbett
  8. They are even heroic in their insistence upon honor and self- sacrifice in behalf of the right. – Recollections of a Varied Life by George Cary Eggleston
  9. The fact that brought the blood to her cheeks would no longer be hidden, and she knew it was a longing to punish the lad who had struck down the man she loved that had led to her insistence on the former leaving Silverdale. – Winston of the Prairie by Harold Bindloss
  10. Mr. Aston's words to him that morning came back with puzzling insistence. – Christopher Hibbault, Roadmaker by Marguerite Bryant
  11. Garth, occupied with his own mental struggle, was, for once, oblivious to sounds from without, and did not realise why, at this critical moment, these words should have come with gentle insistence into his mind: " Keep far our foes; give peace at home; Where Thou art Guide, no ill can come." – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay
  12. You weary him With your uncouth insistence. – La-Sainte-Courtisane by Wilde, Oscar
  13. I think that my unhappiness had as much to do with my father's insistence on the change, as anything. – The Black Bag by Louis Joseph Vance
  14. When Feodor had said, " Those are the orders," there was room for nothing more, not even in the way of polite insistence. – The Secret of the Night by Gaston Leroux
  15. These phrases stuck in Hugh's memory with a painful insistence. – Beside Still Waters by Arthur Christopher Benson
  16. The baby began to cry afresh, with sudden, sharp insistence. – The Brown Study by Grace S. Richmond
  17. That first morning left him much in doubt; indeed, he regretted that he had yielded to Lisa's insistence. – The Fat and the Thin by Emile Zola
  18. Only she felt his insistence, answered to it, was mastered by it. – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell