Usage examples for inhalation

  1. Being lodged among the ruins, the ashes, which were very deep, blown about with the winds and combining with the sultry heats, breathed up, so to say, a dry and searching air, the inhalation of which was destructive to their health. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh
  2. You drew in draught after draught of the rich air, feeling, with every inhalation, that a new vitality was absorbed through the lungs, giving to the heart a nobler beat, and to the brain a fresh activity. – The Allen House or Twenty Years Ago and Now by T. S. Arthur
  3. The young men and their friends were so well pleased with the effects of ether inhalation, that " ether parties" became fashionable in that section, as well as in other parts of the State. – Stories Of Georgia 1896 by Joel Chandler Harris
  4. Under these circumstances, the inhalation of the steam of hot water, or hot vinegar and water, may be substituted, and with decided benefit. – The Maternal Management of Children, in Health and Disease. by Thomas Bull, M.D.
  5. Inhalation of the fumes of strong ammonia may lead to death from capillary bronchitis or broncho- pneumonia. – Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by W. G. Aitchison Robertson
  6. Sir Francis Cromarty, who was aware that no serious evil effects supervened from the inhalation of the fumes of hemp, was in no way anxious about her. – Round the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne
  7. Drop the brain- contraction, take a good inhalation of whatever pleasant feeling is nearest, and the expansion is a necessary consequence. – As a Matter of Course by Annie Payson Call
  8. After an inhalation which suggested the charging of an air gun, Mrs. Harnden pulled the verbal trigger. – When Egypt Went Broke by Holman Day
  9. His dress waistcoats, it is true, no longer permit the inhalation of anything like a full breath, and his collars clasp too closely. – Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
  10. If you would read the months off- hand by the flowering of trees and shrubs and the coming and going of birds; if the inhalation of scents is to convey photographic details of scenes whence they originate; if you would explore miles of sunless jungle by ways unstable as water; if you would have the sites of camps of past generations of blacks reveal the arts and occupations of the race, its dietary scale and the pastimes of its children; if you desire to have exact first- hand knowledge, to revel in the rich delights of new experiences, your scope must be limited. – My Tropic Isle by E J Banfield
  11. She began with a guttural inhalation that increased in ferocity until it broke in a violent snort, then trailed away in a prolonged and somewhat plaintive whistle. – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  12. They are liable to become slowly unconscious, and so to continue the inhalation till life is ended. – A Practical Physiology by Albert F. Blaisdell
  13. This is what is needed, for the breath while speaking or singing must go out under much greater tension than is necessary for inhalation. – Resonance in Singing and Speaking by Thomas Fillebrown
  14. The straining may be checked by 2 or 3 ounces of laudanum or 2 ounces of chloral hydrate, or by inhalation of chloroform to insensibility, and then by raising the hind parts on straw bundles the gravitation of the abdominal organs forward may be made to lessen the resistance. – Special Report on Diseases of Cattle by U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler
  15. In sleep the muscles of inhalation and exhalation are relaxed, inhalation becomes long and deep, exhalation short and exhaustive, and the rhythmic intervals of respiration much lengthened. – The Story of the Mind by James Mark Baldwin
  16. I knew that at the first inhalation the brine would fill my mouth and lungs; I held my breath hard, and tried to pray. – Tales of the Chesapeake by George Alfred Townsend
  17. The cigarette lighted, she burned at least a third of its length in one vast inhalation, which presently caused twin jets of smoke to issue from the rather widely separated corners of a generous mouth. – Ma Pettengill by Harry Leon Wilson
  18. As a rule this sort of light inhalation serves to produce the desired analgesic effect. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
  19. Dr. Brush says: " Cocaine is the only drug the effects of which are more dangerous and more slavish than the inhalation of the fumes of opium." – What a Young Woman Ought to Know by Mary Wood-Allen
  20. The smelling- bottle was, however, found, and her ladyship took a long inhalation, and said, " Hah!" – Lady Maude's Mania by George Manville Fenn