Usage examples for inflated

  1. " Now that's what I don't like in company," the bosom inflated to observe with sufficient emphasis. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Everything relating to trade, among ourselves and among nations, has been expanded, excessive, inflated, abnormal, and there is a madness in finance which no American policy alone will cure. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  3. In his letters he is continually on the point of beginning his career as a statesman; and in 1835 his views are even more inflated than usual. – Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings by Mary F. Sandars
  4. Soon after, in spite of the wind, it was inflated in all its parts, and the ascent was made. – Wonderful Balloon Ascents or, the Conquest of the Skies by Fulgence Marion
  5. It was evident to all in the stock- gambling world that this was to be the " System's" grand coup, that at its completion the masses would be rudely awakened to a realisation that their savings were invested in the combined American industries at vastly inflated values, that the few had all the real money, and that any attempt upon the people's part to regulate and control the new system of robbery, would be fraught with unparalleled disaster- not to the " System," but to the people. – Friday, the Thirteenth by Thomas W. Lawson
  6. These rumours, too, she had supposed inflated as rumours will be when they are bad and have travelled far. – Six Feet Four by Jackson Gregory
  7. His unathletic chest was inflated; he heaved up with joy; and a little child, playing on the next corner, turned and followed him for some distance, trying to imitate his proud, singular walk. – Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington
  8. The life- preservers were well inflated, and tied; then we made the plunge, Emery taking the lead, I following close behind. – Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico by E. L. Kolb
  9. There you have the just measure of that freedom of conscience, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech and action which we hear so much inflated foolishness about as being the precious possession of the republic. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  10. We had the misfortune to hear a slow hissing sound, and her inflated suit began to wilt immediately, where a steel needle had penetrated it. – More Tish by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  11. I mean eleven feet high inflated, but the segments must be cut out eighteen feet long to allow for the curve. – Careers of Danger and Daring by Cleveland Moffett
  12. At least 200 bullets and four shrapnel shots went through the inflated bag, allowing the gas to escape, and we came down with a rush, striking the top of a tree alongside of a creek, throwing us out. – Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White
  13. Even before release, the partially inflated gas bags are almost a hundred feet tall. – The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe
  14. Every vessel from the New World came freighted with complaints, representing Columbus and his brothers as new men, unaccustomed to command, inflated by their sudden rise from obscurity; arrogant and insulting towards men of birth and lofty spirit; oppressive of the common people, and cruel in their treatment of the natives. – The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II) by Washington Irving
  15. The Messenians appear to use equally inflated language about Aristomenes, when they tell us that he thrice offered sacrifice for having slain a hundred Lacedaemonians. – Plutarch's Lives, Volume I (of 4) by Plutarch
  16. But Jones was very far from being contemplative, although he certainly was rather fond of inflated poetry, and even as a planter, surrounded by his acres and his slaves, there is no evidence that he led a lazy life. – Paul Jones by Hutchins Hapgood