Definitions of Infecting

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Usage examples for Infecting

  1. Finally, he must have the power of infecting others with his own enthusiasm. – Since Cézanne by Clive Bell
  2. In time the St. Kitts doctor arrived, and, as he rowed past, looked at us critically as if he suspected us of infecting the waters of the sea with some of those mysteriously terrible diseases which he is always hoping for on the ship's papers, but never seems to find. – Jungle Peace by William Beebe
  3. She had a great respect for the self- denying life which she knew he was leading; and the nervousness and shyness of his manners were of a kind, which, instead of infecting her, gave her confidence, and made her feel quite at her ease with him. – Tom Brown at Oxford by Thomas Hughes
  4. The wild weird beauty was infecting him and the pathos of the desolation caught at his heart. – The Valiants of Virginia by Hallie Erminie Rives
  5. She still did not despair of infecting him with her own ambition for his future, and in an outburst of eloquence she went on: If only I could express what I feel and know is true- if only I could make you courageous and hopeful.... – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann