Definitions of indirect

  2. Indirection.
  3. descended from a common ancestor but through different lines; " cousins are collateral relatives"; " an indirect descendant of the Stuarts"
  4. not direct in spatial dimension; not leading by a straight line or course to a destination; " sometimes taking an indirect path saves time"; " must take an indirect couse in sailing"
  5. having intervening factors or persons or influences; " reflection from the ceiling provided a soft indirect light"; " indirect evidence"; " an indirect cause"
  6. Not direct; not straight or rectilinear; deviating from a direct line or course; circuitous; as, an indirect road.
  7. Not tending to an aim, purpose, or result by the plainest course, or by obvious means, but obliquely or consequentially; by remote means; as, an indirect accusation, attack, answer, or proposal.
  8. Not straightforward or upright; unfair; dishonest; tending to mislead or deceive.
  9. Not reaching the end aimed at by the most plain and direct method; as, an indirect proof, demonstration, etc.
  10. Not straight or in a line; as, an indirect road; resulting, in a roundabout manner, from a cause; not reaching the end aimed at by the most straightforward method; not straightforward or fair.
  11. Not direct or straight: not tending to a result by the plainest course: not straightforward or honest.
  12. Not direct; roundabout; inferential; equivocal.
  13. Not direct or straight; not tending directly to the point; not straight forward; not fair or honest. Indirect tax, a tax laid on an article of produce, but really paid by the consumer.
  14. Circuitous; not straightforward; unfair; dishonest.
  15. Not by a simple method; complicated; development, mitosis, selection, embryogeny.