Quotes of independents

  1. But I think the- what the tea party movement demonstrates, and I think the, the, the enthusiasm that we're seeing from independents and Republicans, is that if Washington isn't going to change itself, then we're going to change Washington. And I think that's what we're seeing. – John Cornyn
  2. Yes, I'm a Judeo -Christian. Jesus and Moses are in my heart, and... both of them were independents by the way. – Kinky Friedman
  3. There's a lot of things we can do to balance out what Obama's done and going forward show the American people the Republican Party can govern. I want a coalition of tea party people, independents moderate Democrats trying to find a way to move this country forward before we become Greece. – Lindsey Graham
  4. This is not the time for partisan bickering. This is not the time for politics as usual. Some of us are Democrats. Some of us are Republicans. Some of us are Independents Above all, we must be Oklahomans first. – Brad Henry
  5. I did seven indies because the independent market used to be a lot better before all the stars were doing independents As a beginning actor, that's where you started. – Josh Holloway
  6. I want to work with great directors. I want to work on good material with good actors. I've probably done 20 movies at this point and a lot of independents It's been an incredible ride and I love it and I'm just going to keep going and doing what I'm doing. – Famke Janssen
  7. While Republican voters have remained universally supportive of their President, Democrats and Independents are returning to a more naturally critical stance. – Thomas E. Mann
  8. We need independents we need the GOP, we need Reagan Democrats. – Sarah Palin
  9. I think it's clear to me that what- when I look at the tea party, it's about one -third Democrat, one -third Republican, one -third independents But 100 percent of them are sure that the agenda that is taking place in Washington, D. C., is about extremism and is about bankrupting this country and every state within this country. – Jeff Sessions

Usage examples for independents

  1. Shelby was a believer in short campaigns, and the time left the independents for attack was brief. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  2. The wesleyans, independents and baptists raised buildings for worship in the more important townships. – The History of Tasmania, Volume I (of 2) by John West
  3. He had promised consolidation with full belief in his ability to perform; one explicit promise had been that this season would mark the end of the opposition by the independents the Comas would secure complete control of the Toban timber and fix prices. – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  4. Early in the morning, when the Independents were numerically at their weakest, the Pedlars attacked them and drove them off. – Korea's Fight for Freedom by F.A. McKenzie
  5. It seemed that General Forrest was somewhat concerned for our safety, knowing that the country was strange to us, and he had sent William Forrest's company of Independents to watch the road for us so that we might come to no harm. – A Little Union Scout by Joel Chandler Harris
  6. It's a matter of principle with him- this fight for the independents – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  7. These Independents went commonly by the name of Missionars in all that district; a name arising apparently from the fact that they were the first in the neighbourhood to advocate the sending of missionaries to the heathen. – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  8. The rival machine got hold of him, the Independents took him to their bosom, and the press shrieked for an investigation. – The Greater Inclination by Edith Wharton
  9. First, there was one the Independents had planned for about a week in advance; that was the one Sforza tipped us on, the one that started in China. – Null-ABC by Henry Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire
  10. That party, therefore, joined with the Independents in the vote for Senator which resulted in the election of a harmless old gentleman by the name of Christiancy. – The Facts of Reconstruction by John R. Lynch
  11. Of these, about 200 belong to a chapel for the Independents and perhaps others attend favourite preachers in the vicinity. – A Morning's Walk from London to Kew by Richard Phillips
  12. When we thus expreste our selves for preventing the dangers of Sects and Schismes, it is far from our intention to discourage any from the duties of piety, and mutuall edification, according to the directions of the last Assembly published in Print, and seriously recommended by them, or to give any advantage to Malignants and Prophane persons, with whom it is frequent to cast upon all those who adhere to former principles, and cannot approve the present Engagement, the odious nick- names of Sectaries and Independents – The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland by Church of Scotland. General Assembly
  13. Nowhere has Puritanism found so adequate an expression as in the religious organization of the Independents – Selections from the Prose Works of Matthew Arnold by Matthew Arnold
  14. The makers of Massachusetts were independents in church government and democrats in political principle. – Canada under British Rule 1760-1900 by John G. Bourinot
  15. The Independents found themselves in a difficulty. – The New Germany by George Young
  16. Such a policy was denounced by the Independents Haase and Kautsky, while Ebert, perhaps also Scheidemann, had doubts; but Landsberg, who had found a strong man in Noske, the Prussian War Minister, drove matters to a breach. – The New Germany by George Young
  17. This substitute was not carried, and a final breach between the Independents and the Unitarians was thus established. – Recollections and Impressions 1822-1890 by Octavius Brooks Frothingham
  18. Most of the other independents have found it to their advantage- seen it in the right light. – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  19. Deacon John Carver's place of birth or early life is not known, but he was an Essex County man, and was probably not, until in middle life, a member of Robinson's congregation of " Independents – The Mayflower and Her Log, Complete by Azel Ames
  20. His fight is only an old notion about the independents sticking on. – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day

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