Definitions of independent

  1. Separate.
  2. a neutral or uncommitted person ( especially in politics)
  3. One who believes that an organized Christian church is complete in itself, competent to self- government, and independent of all ecclesiastical authority.
  4. One who does not acknowledge an obligation to support a party's candidate under all circumstances; one who exercises liberty in voting.
  5. One who supports measures or men without connection with any organized party.
  6. One who in ecclesiastical affairs holds that every congregation is independent of every other and subject to no superior authority.
  7. One who maintains that every congregation of Christians constitutes a complete church, and is subject to no superior authority.
  9. not dependent on or conditioned by or relative to anything else
  10. not contingent
  11. of a clause; able to stand alone syntactically as a complete sentence; " the main ( or independent) clause in a complex sentence has at least a subject and a verb"
  12. Not dependent; free; not subject to control by others; not relying on others; not subordinate; as, few men are wholly independent.
  13. Affording a comfortable livelihood; as, an independent property.
  14. Not subject to bias or influence; not obsequious; self- directing; as, a man of an independent mind.
  15. Expressing or indicating the feeling of independence; free; easy; bold; unconstrained; as, an independent air or manner.
  16. Separate from; exclusive; irrespective.
  17. Belonging or pertaining to, or holding to the doctrines or methods of, the Independents.
  18. Not bound by party; exercising a free choice in voting with either or any party.
  19. Not dependent upon another quantity in respect to value or rate of variation; - said of quantities or functions.
  20. Not relying on, supported by, or governed by, another; having enough to live on; free; not easily influenced; uncontrolled by others.
  21. Not dependent or relying on others: not subordinate: not subject to bias: affording a comfortable livelihood: said of countries not subject to any other government: self governing.
  23. Not subordinate to nor dependent; free.
  24. Affording independence.
  25. Self reliant.
  26. Not dependent; not subject to the control of others; not subordinate; not holding possessions at the will of another; affording the means of independence; not subject to influence; not obsequious; free; unconstrained; irrespective; pertaining to the independents.
  27. Not subordinate; not holding or enjoying at the will of another; self- relying or self- directing; possessing moderate wealth.