Usage examples for INCO

  1. The cause of the trouble as previously explained, is inco- ordination. – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  2. In ataxia, there is inco- ordination of muscular movements, especially of the coarse movements, such as walking. – Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition. by Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson
  3. It would be one of the greatest achievements of physical science could it shew that life was not inco- ordinate with non- living physical phenomena, but was a special case of them. – Thomas Henry Huxley; A Sketch Of His Life And Work by P. Chalmers Mitchell
  4. Similar defects occur in written as in vocal speech; the syllables and even the letters are disjointed; there is a fine tremor in the writing, and inco- ordination in the movements of the pen. – The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song by F. W. Mott
  5. Some of them had their main inco- ordination in the legs, others in their hands. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  6. But when any or all of these organs fail to function properly, due to inco- ordination, the result is discord- and defective utterance. – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  7. An inquiry into the cause of the inco- ordination between brain and speech- organs leads us to an examination of the original or basic causes of stammering. – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  8. A German professor wished to demonstrate to his class the varying inco- ordination of a series of tabetic patients. – Psychotherapy by James J. Walsh
  9. It was fragmentary, inco- ordinate. – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  10. Whilst the simply defective fail to adapt themselves to school life by reason of their mental deficiency, the ill- balanced fail owing to their inco- ordination of character. – Mentally Defective Children by Alfred Binet Théodore Simon