Usage examples for included

  1. However, I need say no more on this point, as all that is worth saying about it is supplied by Sir Herbert Warren in the letter which I have included in my Oxford Chapter. – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  2. The greater included the less. – Little Prudy's Sister Susy by Sophie May
  3. Well, Sybylla, poor Harry has gone: we will all- even you included- miss him very much, I am sure. – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin
  4. He knew that there could be no intention of making any arrangement in which Holland and Zealand could be included. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  5. The number of countries included within the pale of the Faith is ninety- four. – Citadel of Faith by Shoghi Effendi
  6. Watch the scenes also lest delicate and sure touches of characterization may have been included which, delightful though they be, are not absolutely necessary to our understanding of the character. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  7. This excellent man, who was beloved by all of us, was not included among the persons whose, return to France had been determined by the General- in- Chief. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  8. Mahommed Gunga chose to polish up his silver spurs and ride in from his " estates" on a protracted visit to Peshawur, and with an escort that must have included half the zemindars on the countryside as well as his own small retinue. – Rung Ho! by Talbot Mundy
  9. Mrs. Hattie had very kindly included him in the invitation. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  10. On the whole he was quite happy at this time, despite his passionate desire for wealth and his natural resentment, at the attitude of the Abbotts and their intimate circle of old friends who were so like them that he always included them in his mind when speaking of " the family." – The Sisters-In-Law by Gertrude Atherton
  11. " You have already heard that he will be beyond the reach of any one, myself included, until to- morrow, perhaps the day after. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  12. I'm merely 'Dick' to everybody, yourself included, I trust, he added with an elaborate bow. – At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern by Myrtle Reed
  13. Any such appearance would be included among sensibilia. – Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays by Bertrand Russell
  14. But the book cannot have included all of i. – Introduction to the Old Testament by John Edgar McFadyen
  15. The term Eunapius here used is not quite in the original sense, for Gray included under it Bowerbank's Spongilla paupercula which is now regarded as a form of S. lacustris. – Freshwater Sponges, Hydroids & Polyzoa by Nelson Annandale
  16. It may be of interest to consider some of these domestic arrangements, as illustrated by stories included in the present volume. – French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France by Marie de France
  17. All hands seemed to be frozen stiff, me and Jonadab and Peter T. included. – The Depot Master by Joseph C. Lincoln
  18. Gantry was included, and so were the Weatherfords- father, mother, daughters, and son. – The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush by Francis Lynde
  19. The Siakumne may be regarded as living somewhere on the lower Calaveras and, if so, must be included with the Yatchikumne and Passasimas in the estimate for the Calaveras. – The Aboriginal Population of the San Joaquin Valley, California by Sherburne F. Cook
  20. Waking up with a start, I fancy that everything is turning blue,- myself included. – Two Years in the French West Indies by Lafcadio Hearn