Quotes of imports

  1. The foreign accent was a promise, and indeed, all over the country, European imports added spice to the sciences, the arts, and other areas. What one had to give was not considered inferior to what one received. – Rudolf Arnheim
  2. The working out of a balanced economy throughout Germany to provide the necessary means to pay for approved imports has not been accomplished, although that too is expressly required by the Potsdam Agreement. – James F. Byrnes
  3. Even if the dollar does decline during the coming months, the delays in the response of exports and imports to the more competitive dollar will mean that the increase in aggregate demand from this source may not happen for a year or more. – Martin Feldstein
  4. The direct investment of Japanese businesses to East Asian economies accelerates the reallocation of their production bases. Consequently, between Japan and the other East Asian countries, both exports and imports are growing substantially. – Toshihiko Fukui
  5. I've always considered making it legal for Americans to import their prescription drugs a free -trade issue. Imports create competition and keep domestic industry more responsive to consumers. – Charles Grassley
  6. As the global expansion of Indian and Chinese restaurants suggests, xenophobia is directed against foreign people, not foreign cultural imports – Eric Hobsbawm
  7. America stopped making vinyl and phased out the single but Germany held out and refused. Warner's never phased out vinyl in Germany. Now America imports it! – Peter Hook
  8. Fortunately for England, all her imports are raw materials. – Joseph Hume
  9. Our course, then, is clear; if we desire to put an end to pauperism, or to lessen it, we should import everything we can use or sell, in order that we may employ our unemployed hands, in making the goods by which we pay for these imports – Joseph Hume
  10. By 2010, Africa could be providing the United States with as many oil imports as the Middle East. – Anthony Lake
  11. The U. S. now imports over half of its oil supply from the Middle East. This dangerous dependence on foreign energy sources is an issue of national security. – Kenny Marchant
  12. We've had a long wrangle with the pharmaceutical industry about parallel imports and what we were saying is we want to make medicines and drugs as affordable as a possible to what is largely a poor population. – Thabo Mbeki

Usage examples for imports

  1. No sooner had the other three New England states virtually closed their ports to British shipping than Connecticut threw hers wide open, an act which she followed up by laying duties upon imports from Massachusetts. – The Critical Period of American History by John Fiske
  2. Queen Anne was authorized by Parliament to build about 50 more churches in London and Westminster and their suburbs, to be paid for by a coal tax on imports into the port of London. – Our Legal Heritage by S. A. Reilly
  3. In addition, they would ship to England raw materials needed there, and absorb in return articles produced by the English craftsmen, and such imports from foreign lands as were surplus in England. – Domestic Life in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century Jamestown 350th Anniversary Historical Booklet Number 17 by Annie Lash Jester
  4. It's a giant combine on Earth which has a virtual monopoly on the spacelines and exports and imports between Earth and all the colonized planets. – Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay
  5. It is a remarkable circumstance that throughout the entire range of economic discussion in gold- standard circles, it seems to be taken for granted that a change in the value of the money unit is a matter of no significance, and imports no mischief to society, so long as the change is in one direction. – Contemporary American History, 1877-1913 by Charles A. Beard
  6. An advantage, even a slight advantage, to Colonial imports in the great British market would tend to the development of the Colonies as compared with the foreign nations who compete with them. – Constructive Imperialism by Viscount Milner
  7. There is no gold come over yet; wait till you learn the actual bulk of the first metallic imports – Love Me Little, Love Me Long by Charles Reade Edition: 10 Language: English
  8. It was established as a foreign settlement in 1868, and has grown so remarkably during the last ten years that now it exceeds in imports and exports any other city in Japan. – The Critic in the Orient by George Hamlin Fitch
  9. This is the whole story of our excess of imports over exports. – Are we Ruined by the Germans? by Harold Cox
  10. 13. Free trade is when no revenue is collected on imports beyond enough to run the government. – The Century Handbook of Writing by Garland Greever Easley S. Jones
  11. The only point which it much imports the public to know is probably already guessed- that the letter did not contain a refusal, nor any absolute discouragement of Ormond's hopes. – Tales & Novels, Vol. IX [Contents: Harrington; Thoughts on Bores; Ormond] by Maria Edgeworth
  12. Trade of Dahomey and the Ivory Coast for the first three months of 1898- Imports – West African studies by Mary Henrietta Kingsley
  13. It has been already pointed out, that our imports have not kept pace with our exports: of course, on the face of the account, the balance of trade, both positively and comparatively considered, must have been much more than ever in our favor. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  14. In the year 1755 the amount of all exports did not reach 2, 500, 000 francs, while the imports were valued at 8, 000, 000 francs. – Canada under British Rule 1760-1900 by John G. Bourinot
  15. The following table shows the exports and imports at the different ports and custom- houses of Southern Russia, during the years 1838 and 1839, the value being set down in paper rubles. – Travels in the Steppes of the Caspian Sea, the Crimea, the Caucasus, &c. by Xavier Hommaire de Hell
  16. No doubt the dinner was all which the domestic celebration of the festival imports for the farm was well stocked with every description of creature, and with most other things needful for the purpose; but I may be excused if I remember none of the particulars, now that so many years have intervened. – Old New England Traits by Anonymous
  17. We gained $ 1, 000, 000 a year in exports to this island for the last ten years, and nearly $ 3, 000, 000 in imports – Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White
  18. Imports As in 1911, all stations show an increase of imports – The Opium Monopoly by Ellen Newbold La Motte
  19. I remember a word of Solomon’ s, that imports how dangerous a thing it is for a man to reflect upon, or search into his own glory, Prov. – The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning by Hugh Binning
  20. It is not too much to assign seventy- five millions of these imports to the state of New York. – Diary in America, Series One by Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat)

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