Usage examples for Ibn

  1. Twice before he had visited the tribe as the guest of the Sheik Mukair Ibn Zarrarah's younger son, an officer of Spahis whom he had met in Paris, and the warm hospitality shown him had left a deep impression. – The Shadow of the East by E. M. Hull
  2. In the following year the new caliph confided the government of Egypt to Anbasa, but dismissed him a few months later in favour of his own son el- Muntasir ibn el- Mutawakkil, whom two years afterwards the caliph named as his successor to the throne. – History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 11 (of 12) by S. Rappoport
  3. The words al and ibn are never accented. – The Hindu-Arabic Numerals by David Eugene Smith Louis Charles Karpinski
  4. They took Giafar ibn Mulk and burned him alive. – The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay by Maurice Hewlett
  5. I mention further the Descrittione dell' Africa by Leon l'African, the Arabian Histories of Ibn- Khaldoun, of Al- Iaquob, of El- Bekri, of Ibn- Batoutah, of Mahommed El- Tounsi.... – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit
  6. Muhamad ibn Muhamad, Geographie d'Edrisi. – Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent Mabel Bent
  7. When the Grand Vizier announced to the Caliph that the Emir Bargash ibn Beynin was a prisoner, and awaited under guard the commands of his Majesty, Haroun Alraschid, looking round the audience- chamber with a stern expression of countenance, said, " Let the Emir be conducted into our presence." – Tales of the Caliph by H. N. Crellin
  8. Once there was a Lion who had a son, and he always charged him, saying, my son, beware of Ibn Adam. – The Women of the Arabs by Henry Harris Jessup
  9. Then he met a mule, a donkey, a buffalo and an elephant, and all were running in terror of Ibn Adam. – The Women of the Arabs by Henry Harris Jessup
  10. Mukair Ibn Zarrarah, elderly when his sons had been born, had aged with startling suddenness since the death of Omar. – The Shadow of the East by E. M. Hull
  11. Incidentally one may add that is why the great medieval Hebrew poets like Solomon Ibn Gebirol, Jehudah Ha Levi and Moses Ibn Ezra, are great poets. – The Literature of Ecstasy by Albert Mordell
  12. No, said the Camel, I am a Camel fleeing from Ibn Adam. – The Women of the Arabs by Henry Harris Jessup
  13. But at length the old Lion died, and the young lion resolved that he would search through the world and see that wonderful animal called Ibn Adam, of whom his father had so often warned him. – The Women of the Arabs by Henry Harris Jessup
  14. A thick hedge of thorn- trees surrounds the only cultivated ground near Zayla: as Ibn Said declared in old times, " the people have no gardens, and know nothing of fruits." – First Footsteps in East Africa or, an Exploration of Harar by Richard F. Burton
  15. Von Ibn rested his elbow on the table and his chin upon his hand. – A Woman's Will by Anne Warner
  16. At any rate Ibn Moqaffa did not write as we read them now. – Iranian Influence on Moslem Literature, Part I by M. Inostranzev
  17. My Tadekka is different, the capital of the veiled people, placed by Ibn- Khaldoun twenty days south of Wargla, which he calls Tadmekka. – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit
  18. He bade them go forth to the enemy and gave the commandment over them to Said ibn el Wakidi, a doughty cavalier and a valiant man of war. – Tales from the Arabic Volume 3 by John Payne
  19. In the time of Ibn Haukhal each village had its temple, its priests, and its sacred book. – Les Parsis by D. Menant