Definitions of Hythe

  1. A small haven. See Hithe.
  2. A port. See Hithe.

Usage examples for Hythe

  1. I am sorry I intruded my private matters upon you: but Clarissa quite made a point of my coming to Hythe to- night for that purpose, and, as you know, she is a difficult person to refuse. – Faith and Unfaith by Duchess
  2. A good deal has happened in Hythe since the skulls first began to bleach on the inhospitable shore. – Faces and Places by Henry William Lucy
  3. We were, if I remember right, in the vicinity of a place called Hythe, in Kent. – Lavengro The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest by George Borrow
  4. Folkestone and Hythe Beds. – The Student's Elements of Geology by Sir Charles Lyell
  5. We followed the shore road to Hythe, Dymchurch, New Romney, and Rye, perhaps thirteen miles all told, along a pebble- strewn roadway with here and there a glimpse of the shining sea and the smoke from a passing steamer. – The Automobilist Abroad by M. F. (Milburg Francisco) Mansfield
  6. Hythe also is thought to be Teutonic. – The Historic Thames by Hilaire Belloc
  7. I do so now, and beg you will come up to Hythe on Thursday next at half- past one o'clock. – Faith and Unfaith by Duchess
  8. The Lord- Lieutenant, with his cork just squeaking in the neck of the bottle, nodded; and the Admiral, with officers crowding round, read aloud as follows, part being in type, and part in manuscript: " Commander of Coast- defence at Hythe, to Vice- Admiral Darling, Springhaven. – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  9. Hythe is a little better known now, but not much. – Faces and Places by Henry William Lucy
  10. The country knew him- though he never knew the country- from Abingdon to Bablock Hythe. – The Patrician by John Galsworthy
  11. And when they got nearly to Hythe, and met with the red- whiskered man who got up suddenly out of the hedge and said he'd been hanging off and on expecting them for nigh on a week, Mr. Beale sent Dickie into a field to look for mushrooms- which didn't grow there- expressly that he might have a private conversation with the red- whiskered man- a conversation which began thus- Couldn't get 'ere afore. – Harding's luck by E. [Edith] Nesbit
  12. So we got him down to Sandgate near Hythe, and procured lodging for him close to the sea, so that he could lie in bed and watch the sun and moon rise over the water. – The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford by Mark Rutherford
  13. My regiment, on the breaking up of the camp, marched into Hythe Barracks, where we remained till the month of April, 1805. In the spring of this year another volunteering from the militia into regiments of the line was ordered, on which occasion I was selected by my commanding- officer, Lieut. – Twenty-Five Years in the Rifle Brigade by William Surtees
  14. The Port of Hythe, fiue. – The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, v. 1, Northern Europe by Richard Hakluyt
  15. He was evidently placed, in the first instance by royal authority or that of the Saxon Witan, in some such position as Captain of the Naval forces of all Southern England, and it is certain that he gathered round himself the affections of the sailors of Sandwich, Hythe, Romney, Hastings, and Dover. – Heroes of the Goodwin Sands by Thomas Stanley Treanor