Usage examples for hydration

  1. Unfortunately nearly all stimuli which produce growth are accompanied by hydration effects and it is difficult to feel that this is a specific vitamine effect although without denying the possibility. – The Vitamine Manual by Walter H. Eddy
  2. The hydration of anhydrite to form gypsum, on the other hand, involves an increase of volume and may result in the doming up and shattering of the overlying sediments. – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith
  3. On account of the moisture, the temperature in many cooking operations is not sufficiently high for changes other than hydration and preliminary dextrinizing. – Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value by Harry Snyder
  4. Finally, owing to hydration, there is much more combined water in the soil than in the rock. – The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays by J. (John) Joly
  5. This tincture should be made from the dried leaves to avoid hydration of the ether. – The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines by T. H. Pardo de Tavera
  6. In cooking cereals, the hydration of the starch is one of the main physical and chemical changes that takes place, and it simply results in converting the material into such a form that other chemical changes may more readily occur. – Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value by Harry Snyder
  7. On solution in water, hydration or solvation probably takes place with the production of heat. – Chlorination of Water by Joseph Race
  8. This hydration change is necessary for the full development of the physical properties of the gluten. – Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value by Harry Snyder
  9. Frequently also a difference of hydration in the chemical substances on either side of an osmotic membrane will determine a chemical reaction, which like all other chemical reactions is accompanied by a corresponding transformation of energy. – The Mechanism of Life by Stéphane Leduc
  10. If a person fasted for 30 days, the average time it takes for the return of hunger in a person that is not overweight, and then ignored the return of hunger, and continued to abstain from food- if the person could avoid forced exercise, keep warm, and had enough hydration, it could take as much as an additional 20 to 60 days to die of starvation! – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon
  11. 129. Why are chemical changes, as hydration, often desirable in the cooking and preparation of foods? – Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value by Harry Snyder