Usage examples for hurrah

  1. I hurrah like a child through all knowledge. – The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee
  2. I heard Porter give a loud " hurrah!" – Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis
  3. I say, Hurrah for the young ones! – Fragments of an Autobiography by Felix Moscheles
  4. Hurrah for the glorious present! – Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer by Jessie Graham Flower
  5. Hurrah for old winter, he's coming at last! – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  6. A shout arose: Hurrah for Oregon! – American Men of Action by Burton E. Stevenson
  7. It burst from them with tremendous energy, and was echoed back by their comrades on the rock, in the midst of whose wild hurrah, Ned O'Connor's voice was distinctly heard to swell from a cheer into a yell of triumph! – The Lighthouse by Robert Ballantyne
  8. As he passed in front of me, he smiled and gave a joyous hurrah, and lifted his cap, beneath which his hair flowed down in golden curls. – Adventures of a Young Naturalist by Lucien Biart
  9. " Then hurrah for our game of hide and seek," Hal exclaimed. – Patty's Social Season by Carolyn Wells
  10. But the next moment I was shouting hurrah! – Eight Years' Wandering in Ceylon by Samuel White Baker
  11. They hurrah, clap, are mad with enthusiasm, call him back again and again, but Lensky shows himself no more. – Boris Lensky by Ossip Schubin
  12. Hurrah for King Edward and fair England! – The Last Of The Barons, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  13. The Viscomtesse de Morainville no longer exists; hurrah for the Citoyenne Carpentier. – Strange True Stories of Louisiana by George Washington Cable
  14. Hurrah for J. T. Marston! – All Around the Moon by Jules Verne
  15. So hurrah for thee, water! – The American Union Speaker by John D. Philbrick
  16. Hurrah for the Hymns! – Janice Meredith by Paul Leicester Ford
  17. The chorus was this: Hurrah, boys, hurrah! – In and Out of Rebel Prisons by Lieut. A. [Alonzo] Cooper