Quotes of hunting

  1. Hunting fishing, drawing, and music occupied my every moment. Cares I knew not, and cared naught about them. – John James Audubon
  2. The perils of duck hunting are great- especially for the duck. – Walter Cronkite
  3. It had an enormous impact to the point of the United Nations passing a resolution against the killing and hunting of these whales as they are an endangered species. This was a documentary on the plight of the whales. – Wavy Gravy
  4. Problem solving is hunting It is savage pleasure and we are born to it. – Thomas Harris
  5. Long after this wonderful event in the Earth's history, when the human species was spread over a good deal of Asia, Europe, and Africa, migration to the American continents began in attempts to find new feeding grounds and unoccupied areas for hunting and fishing. – Harry Johnston
  6. Security is always going to be a cat and mouse game because there'll be people out there that are hunting for the zero day award, you have people that don't have configuration management, don't have vulnerability management, don't have patch management. – Kevin Mitnick
  7. I continue to be a photographer; I have enjoyed fishing and hunting with a close friend; and have owned two ranches, first in northern California and then in the state of Washington. – Douglass North
  8. Making fun of born -again Christians is like hunting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope. – P. J. O'Rourke
  9. Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. – Paul Rodriguez
  10. I am happy now, to recall that I was no only his son but his companion, and whenever there was a hunting expedition or any other pleasure, I was always with him. – John Philip Sousa
  11. Being a press secretary is like learning to type: You're hunting and pecking for a while and then you find yourself doing the touch system and don't realize it. You're speaking for the president without ever having to go to him. – Larry Speakes
  12. The only time I ever went hunting I remembered it as a grisly experience. – Gloria Swanson
  13. You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye. – Hunter S. Thompson
  14. Pa did not like a country so old and worn out that the hunting was poor. He wanted to go west. For two years he had wanted to go west and take a homestead, but Ma did not want to leave the settled country. – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Usage examples for hunting

  1. No matter what they was about he was always hunting for some new Meetings to go to! – Fairy Prince and Other Stories by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  2. Tell me whether this is a war party or a hunting party. – Stories of American Life and Adventure by Edward Eggleston
  3. She knew it only as the hunting ground of her importance. – Joanna Godden by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  4. And I had nearly lost myself- hunting for my rest! – In the Border Country by Josephine Daskam Bacon
  5. Agreed; we will go Tobie- hunting – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock
  6. He's hunting this morning. – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts
  7. A strange thing happened to me- when was it- the day I went hunting – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan
  8. Are they going hunting do you suppose? – The Justice of the King by Hamilton Drummond
  9. I've been down here several times, hunting round, listening to things, hearing things. – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  10. And her husband being out hunting they took her away with them. – Eskimo Folktales by Unknown
  11. The hunting season will soon be on, and I could show you some fine sport," said Mr. Force. – Her Mother's Secret by Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  12. This is good hunting and- my last. – The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  13. While I was hunting around for some other idea, Karpin spoke up again, for the first time in maybe twenty minutes. – The Risk Profession by Donald Edwin Westlake
  14. She's hunting there now! – The Man Thou Gavest by Harriet T. Comstock
  15. " Hunting a little," said Macgregor. – Northern Diamonds by Frank Lillie Pollock
  16. A year later he returned to Elkhorn for a week's hunting – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn
  17. But Salter Quick, to be sure, thought the graves would bear the name Netherfield, and when he came along this coast, it was that name he was hunting for. – Ravensdene Court by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher
  18. " I'm hunting said he, meeting Chadron's eye with meaning look. – The Rustler of Wind River by G. W. Ogden
  19. Since then I have been hunting about for information. – The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Le Blanc

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