Definitions of HUA

  1. an Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s; now operates as a terrorist organization primarily in Kashmir and seeks Kashmir's accession by Pakistan

Usage examples for HUA

  1. In spite of his utmost efforts, the second Indian had escaped with life, although he received a glancing wound from an arrow, as he plunged down towards the lower level; and nothing seemed more certain than that an alarm would right speedily spread throughout the town, if only for the purpose of hurrying succour to the Lord Hua. – The Lost City by Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
  2. He spoke of the mighty chieftain, Prince Hua, and of the high priest, Tlacopa, who was, to all seeming, playing directly into the hands of the 'Tzin. – The Lost City by Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
  3. She went as a girl from Te- hua to Ah- ko for study with the medicine people of one order there. – The Flute of the Gods by Marah Ellis Ryan
  4. It is often written oa, ua, oua, and hua. – The Arawack Language of Guiana in its Linguistic and Ethnological Relations by Daniel G. Brinton
  5. Hua, supported by his attendants, persisted in saying, as he believed truly, that they came from the mountains, and repeated his sentence: " You are to die." – Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands by Charles Nordhoff
  6. The saint's next journey was in the direction of Kerry, where he prophesied that " St. Brendan, of the race of Hua Alta, the great patriarch of monks and star of the western world, would be born, and that his birth would take place some years after his own death." – An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 by Mary Frances Cusack
  7. " Make way, I bid thee; make way, for I will see the Sun Children and-" " Not so, my Lord Hua," coldly interrupted the master of guards, that warning palm still turned to the front. – The Lost City by Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
  8. Our native assistants, Tsien and Kuei- hua, were able, however, to remain. – A Retrospect by James Hudson Taylor
  9. Before long Tsien and Kuei- hua came and got safely on board, and soon after we were joined by the teacher Sung, and the boat moved away. – A Retrospect by James Hudson Taylor
  10. Now she comes from the west and so great a medicine woman is she that leading men are sent to guard her on the trail to the Te- hua people- and to guard her son. – The Flute of the Gods by Marah Ellis Ryan
  11. Side by side I have studied the wisdom of these books, and the wisdom of our ancient people of the Te- hua, as told to me by the old men. – The Flute of the Gods by Marah Ellis Ryan
  12. Prayers must be made against the evil of her if her feet should cross the land of the Te- hua people. – The Flute of the Gods by Marah Ellis Ryan
  13. Go, and at once I fear that Lord Hua may-" " He 'live yet," pronounced Ixtli, rising from a hasty examination o f the fallen chieftain. – The Lost City by Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
  14. Hua er et no? – Children of the Tenements by Jacob A. Riis
  15. Then most wonderful, most beautiful Band begin to play under window and every body look at Da Hua because well we know it is St. Marks College Band and we know who is at the head of that Band, and why it plays for our feast. – Seven Maids of Far Cathay by Bing Ding, Ed.
  16. He said also that in each danger time would be born one to mark the way for the people to follow- in each danger time so long as the Te- hua people were true to the gods! – The Flute of the Gods by Marah Ellis Ryan
  17. The students at Tsing- Hua College learn mathematics and science and philosophy, and broadly speaking, the more elementary parts of what is commonly taught in universities. – The Problem of China by Bertrand Russell