Definitions of however

  1. despite anything to the contrary ( usually following a concession); " although I'm a little afraid, however I'd like to try it"; " while we disliked each other, nevertheless we agreed"; " he was a stern yet fair master"; " granted that it is dangerous, all the same I still want to go"
  2. in what way or manner or by what means; " how did you catch the snake?"; " he told us how he did it"; (` however' is used as an intensive of ` how' as in" however did you get here so soon?")
  3. in whatever way or manner; " Victory, however it was brought about, was sweet"; " however he did it, it was very clever"
  4. to whatever degree or extent; " The results, however general, are important"; " they have begun, however reluctantly, to acknowledge the legitimacy of some of the opposition's concerns"
  5. by contrast; on the other hand; " the first part was easy; the second, however, took hours"
  6. in what way or manner or by what means (` however' is sometimes used as an intensive form of ` how'); " how did you catch the snake?"; " he told us how he did it"; " however did you get here so soon?"
  7. Notwithstanding; yet.
  8. In whetever manner, way, or degree.
  9. At all events; at least; in any case.
  10. Nevertheless; notwithstanding; yet; still; though; as, I shall not oppose your design; I can not, however, approve of it.
  11. In whatever manner or degree; at all events; in any case.
  12. In whatever manner or degree: nevertheless: at all events.
  13. In whatever manner; for whatever reason; to whatever degree.
  14. Nevertheless; yet; still.
  15. In whatever manner; by whatever means.
  16. In whatever manner or degree; at all events; notwithstanding.
  17. In whatsoever manner; at all events; at least; nevertheless; still.

Antonyms for however

never, as, no., nowise, none, Because, Noway, nothing.

Quotes of however

  1. Normally, however I try to avoid repetitions of any shot. – Michelangelo Antonioni
  2. On the 17th of May, the Delos put out to sea. I was immediately affected with sea -sickness, which, however lasted but a short time. I remained on deck constantly, forcing myself to exercise. – John James Audubon
  3. There are things we can all do to help, including carpooling and traveling only when necessary, in order to save gas during this time. However there is also something more important which we can all do: buy only the gas which you need. – Jo Bonner
  4. Subversive language, however must be constantly reinvented, because it is continually being co -opted by the powerful. – Carol P. Christ
  5. The family only represents one aspect, however important an aspect, of a human being's functions and activities. A life is beautiful and ideal or the reverse, only when we have taken into our consideration the social as well as the family relationship. – Havelock Ellis
  6. Two studies from the year 2000, however indicate that Catholics give lower ratings to their clergy's ministerial activities across the board than do Protestants. – Andrew Greeley
  7. The Negro, however has been tested on an extensive scale. – Ellsworth Huntington
  8. Like every other good thing in this world, leisure and culture have to be paid for. Fortunately, however it is not the leisured and the cultured who have to pay. – Aldous Huxley
  9. My father was in the coal business in West Virginia. Both dad and mother were, however originally from Massachusetts; New England, to them, meant the place to go if you really wanted an education. – John Knowles
  10. However poetry does not live solely in books or in school anthologies. – Eugenio Montale
  11. A visit to a cinema is a little outing in itself. It breaks the monotony of an afternoon or evening; it gives a change from the surroundings of home, however pleasant. – Ivor Novello
  12. Yes, I sell people things they don't need. I can't, however sell them something they don't want. Even with advertising. Even if I were of a mind to. – John O'Toole
  13. Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it 'the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul.' The mere imitation, however accurate, of what is in Nature, entitles no man to the sacred name of 'Artist.' – Edgar Allan Poe
  14. I have no objection to a man being a man, however masculine that may be. – Agnes Smedley
  15. I have very little hope that any permission can be gained for your organization. However I shall place it in a special folder with similar applications and raise the question from time to time with such people here as may have authority. – Anna Louise Strong

Usage examples for however

  1. He said nothing, however – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  2. Miss Aldclyffe, however did not come in. – Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy
  3. He did not leave, however – The Lookout Man by B. M. Bower
  4. However it's only because I'm so old. – The Diary of a Man of Fifty by Henry James
  5. Dudleigh, however was very different. – The Living Link by James De Mille
  6. He was still, however never a word from morning till night. – Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories by Robert Herrick
  7. However in the world did you get off here? – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  8. On this point, however he is silent. – The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Volume 1, August 1865 by Society of Clergymen
  9. Now, however there was no longer room for doubt. – The Peasant and the Prince by Harriet Martineau
  10. However we've got nothing to do with that. – Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders
  11. " Certainly not; you will have my maid, however – Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter by Lawrence L. Lynch
  12. However did you come? – The Cook's Wedding and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  13. However let me see what can be done for you." – The Crooked House by Brandon Fleming
  14. However it was too late now. – The Saint by Antonio Fogazzaro Commentator: William Roscoe Thayer
  15. There was no time, however to wait for him. – The Film of Fear by Arnold Fredericks
  16. I may, however have done so. – May Brooke by Anna H. Dorsey
  17. However he said he didn't mind. – Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders
  18. It found me out, however – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston
  19. However I'm not the question. – Youth Challenges by Clarence B Kelland
  20. Joyce, however did nothing of the sort. – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood