Definitions of Hotchpot

  1. Alt. of Hotchpotch
  2. Confused mass of ingredients.
  3. A mingled mass; a mixture of ingredients.

Usage examples for Hotchpot

  1. Conceive, Sir, the disgustful result to one saturated to the skin of his teeth in best English masterpieces of immaculate and moderately good prose extracts and dramatic passages, published with notes for the use of the native student, at weltering in a hotchpot and hurley- burley of arbitrarily distorted and very vulgarised cockneydoms and purely London provincialities, which must be of necessity to him as casting pearls before a swine! – Baboo Jabberjee, B.A. by F. Anstey
  2. If we are to be considered as a nation, all state distinctions must be abolished, the whole must be thrown into hotchpot, and when an equal division is made then there may be fairly an equality of representation." – The Critical Period of American History by John Fiske
  3. 158 To boil smoaked Flesh 164 A Fricacee of Veal 158, 182 Butter and Oyl to fry Fish 193 A Flomery- Caudle 238 G Smallage Gruel 137 About water Gruel 138 An excellent and wholesome water Gruel with Wood sorrel and Currants 139 Gruel of Oatmeal and Rice 191 To make clear Gelly of Bran 203 An excellent meat of Goose or Turkey 212 To pickle an old fat Goose 212 H Some Notes upon Honey 8 My Lord Hollis Hydromel 33 Hydromel as I made it weak for the Q. Mother 35 To make Honey drink 84 Weak Honey drink 107 To make an Hotchpot 149, 150 The Queens Hotchpot 151 A nourishing Hachy 158 Red Herrings boiled 173 To season Humble Pyes 210 To make Harts- horn Gelly 239- 242 L To dress Lampreys 184 M Master Corsellises Antwerp Meath 9 To make excellent Meathe 10 A weaker, but very pleasant Meathe 11 An excellent white Meathe 11 Master Webbes Meathe 14- 19 My own considerations for making of Meathe 19 My Lady Gower's white Meathe 26 Strong Meathe 32 A Receipt for making of Meathe 32 My Lord Morice's Meathe 39 My Lady Morice her Sisters Meathe 39 To make white Meath 41 Sir William Paston's Meathe 41 Another way of making Meathe 42 Sir Baynam Throckmorton's Meathe 42 My Lady Bellassises Meathe 45 My Lord Gorge his Meathe 54 Several sorts of Meathe, small and strong 56 To make Meathe 57 Sir John Arundel's white Meathe 57 To make a Meathe good for the Liver and Lungs 59 A very good Meathe 60 My Lord Herbert's Meathe 68 To make small white Meathe 80 Meathe from the Muscovian Ambassadour's Steward 81 Meathe with Raisins 96 A Receipt to make Metheglin as it is made at Liege, communicated by Mr. Masillon 5 White Metheglin of my Lady Hungerfords which is exceedingly praised 6 A Receipt to make a Tun of Metheglin 12 The Countess of Bullingbrook's white Metheg. – The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened by Kenelm Digby
  4. When Josiah Quincy, a famous son of Massachusetts, said for the men of the east in the halls of Congress, " You have no authority to throw the rights and liberties and property of this people into hotchpot with the wild men on the Missouri, nor with the mixed though more respectable race of Anglo- Hispano- Gallo- Americans, who bask on the sands in the mouth of the Mississippi," he was visualizing the men whose interests followed the rivers to another tide- water than that of Boston and New York harbors. – The French in the Heart of America by John Finley