Usage examples for hose

  1. There men were working with hose, trying to put out the fire in the air course leading to the mule stables. – In the Heart of a Fool by William Allen White
  2. The separator drip should then be closed and the steam hose inserted into the vessel of water at the same instant. – Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
  3. The firemen who had been playing a hose just there dropped it, running for their lives. – Ralph of the Roundhouse by Allen Chapman
  4. The five young men on the roof were well aware that there was little to do but to wait, and soon they would see which was to win, they or the fire; so they shifted their line of hose to the eastern front of the building- out of harm's way, for a little time, at least- and held the muzzle steady, watching its work. – The Two Vanrevels by Booth Tarkington
  5. He'd seen them drag the hose in through that door,- there it was now, a long, throbbing snake of it,- and they hadn't come out. – Good Stories For Great Holidays Arranged for Story-Telling and Reading Aloud and for the Children's Own Reading by Frances Jenkins Olcott
  6. Of course the other nozzleman couldn't hold onto the hose alone and it twisted out of his hands. – The Boy Scout Fire Fighters by Irving Crump
  7. His men began climbing the rope ladder taking a hose with them. – Polly in New York by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
  8. Ned moved along one side of the wreck, as far as his air- hose would permit him to go, and was satisfied that he had found the lost mail ship. – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson
  9. The boys had a stream from the hose now, but this too was of no account, for the flames had shot up from the big pile of dry hay! – The Bobbsey Twins in the Country by Laura Lee Hope
  10. As he rolled up the hose, Manuel said, " Man, you lookin' for trouble parkin' in those spaces." – An Encounter in Atlanta by Ed Howdershelt
  11. With the caps removed, a hose was inserted by Paul, and then John forced the gasoline up by a small but powerful handpump until the gauge told that the required additional twenty gallons were in. – Around the World in Ten Days by Chelsea Curtis Fraser
  12. A first- quality hose will cost from twenty to thirty cents a foot- a frightful price when comparison is made to the bargain price of four cents a foot. – Making a Lawn by Luke Joseph Doogue
  13. He couldn't quite reach around to connect the hose to the pump- Poor design, he thought vaguely. – Duel on Syrtis by Poul William Anderson
  14. The hose is gray. – Mogens and Other Stories Mogens; The Plague At Bergamo; There Should Have Been Roses; Mrs. Fonss by Jens Peter Jacobsen
  15. With one crash every rifle spoke at once, and at the same time the maxims turned loose their hose- pipe streams of lead. – On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles by Thomas Charles Bridges
  16. She went to the hosier's To buy him some hose, But when she came back He was dressed in his clothes. – Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 1 by Edward William Cole