Definitions of honor

  1. show respect towards; " honor your parents!"
  2. a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction; " an award for bravery"
  3. bestow honor upon; " Today we honor our soldiers"
  4. a woman's virtue or chastity
  5. the quality of being honorable and having a good name; " a man of honor"
  6. the state of being honored
  7. accept as pay; " we honor checks and drafts"
  8. bestow honor or rewards upon; " Today we honor our soldiers"; " The scout was rewarded for courageus action"
  9. Esteem due or paid to worth; high estimation; respect; consideration; reverence; veneration; manifestation of respect or reverence.
  10. That which rightfully attracts esteem, respect, or consideration; self- respect; dignity; courage; fidelity; especially, excellence of character; high moral worth; virtue; nobleness; specif., in men, integrity; uprightness; trustworthness; in women, purity; chastity.
  11. A nice sense of what is right, just, and true, with course of life correspondent thereto; strict conformity to the duty imposed by conscience, position, or privilege.
  12. That to which esteem or consideration is paid; distinguished position; high rank.
  13. Fame; reputation; credit.
  14. A token of esteem paid to worth; a mark of respect; a ceremonial sign of consideration; as, he wore an honor on his breast; military honors; civil honors.
  15. A cause of respect and fame; a glory; an excellency; an ornament; as, he is an honor to his nation.
  16. A title applied to the holders of certain honorable civil offices, or to persons of rank; as, His Honor the Mayor. See Note under Honorable.
  17. A seigniory or lordship held of the king, on which other lordships and manors depended.
  18. Academic or university prizes or distinctions; as, honors in classics.
  19. The ace, king, queen, and jack of trumps. The ten and nine are sometimes called Dutch honors.
  20. To regard or treat with honor, esteem, or respect; to revere; to treat with deference and submission; when used of the Supreme Being, to reverence; to adore; to worship.
  21. To dignify; to raise to distinction or notice; to bestow honor upon; to elevate in rank or station; to ennoble; to exalt; to glorify; hence, to do something to honor; to treat in a complimentary manner or with civility.
  22. To accept and pay when due; as, to honora bill of exchange.
  23. A title applied to the holders of certain honorable civil offices, or to persons of rank; as, His the Mayor. See Note under Honorable.
  24. Respectful regard; high esteem; worship; reputation; exalted rank; fame; uprightness; scorn of meanness, deceit, or unfairness; self- respect; chastity; an outward mark of high esteem; a title used in addressing certain officials; one of the four highest trump cards in whist.
  25. To treat with respect, deference, or civility; revere or worship; bestow marks of esteem upon; followed by with; dignify; acknowledge; accept and pay when due; as, the bank will honor my check. Also, honour.
  26. The esteem due or paid to worth: respect: high estimation: veneration, said of God: that which righfully attracts esteem: exalted rank: distinction: excellence o character: nobleness of mind: any special virtue much esteemed: any mark of esteem: a title of respect:- pl. privileges of rank or birth: civilities paid: the four highest cards in card- playing: academc prizes or distinctions.
  28. To hold in high esteem: to respect: to adore: to exalt: to accept and pay when due.
  29. HONORED.
  30. Esteem paid to worth; respect; nobleness of character; integrity; distinction.
  31. To esteem highly; exalt; accept and pay, as a draft.
  32. To regard with honor; bestow marks of honor upon; add dignity to.
  33. To pay, as a draft.
  34. Consideration due or paid, as to worth; respectful regard, or its outward tokens; a cause of esteem.
  35. Nobility of character; nice sense of what is right, noble, or becoming.

Antonyms for honor

corruptness, disgracefulness, debase, annoy, denunciation, deprave, Calumniation, shame, unrighteousness, animalize, vilify, objurgate, corruptibility, nowheresville, deceit, eyesore, subvert, blackening, despise, grievance, libel, deteriorate, fink out, canker, abhor, taint, immorality, lessen, brutalize, slander, namelessness, exasperate, affront, humiliate, traduce, corruption, Libeling, contemn, degrade, fright, sinfulness, untruthfulness, blameworthiness, back off, stricture, profligacy, rant, infamy, obligation, nowhere, discredit, Aspersing, injustice, attaint, baseness, offend, chasten, shamelessness, rascality, debauch, dislike, reproach, defamation, licentiousness, back out, rebuke, anonymity, reduce, degradation, Traducing, back down, disesteem, ignominy, decadence, smudge, calumniate, disreputableness, looseness, crookedness, harangue, vileness, commination, unscrupulousness, censure, irritate, sink, scandal, depravity, reprove, hate, Defaming, look down, mess, odium, defame, philippic, insult, reprehend, ridicule, wretchedness, Libertinage, burden, reflection, venality, dishonesty, vex, reprimand, dissipation, reproof, dissoluteness, stigma, perversion, cast down, debasement, Vilifying, lower, defect, degeneracy, reprehensibleness, deceitfulness, mendaciousness, silence, wickedness, dehumanize, disgrace, bestialize, meanness, mendacity, opprobrium, tease, duty, diatribe, violate, sin, humble, vitiate, excoriation, jeremiad, condemn, tirade, pervertedness, character assassination, asperse, Libertinism, take down, obscurity, execrate, displease, Maligning, desecrate, disrepute, cheapen, lowness, criminality, knavery, dishonor, depress, wound, abominate, provoke, dissipatedness, demoralize, Smearing, anathematize, calumny, detest, dishonour, brand, unfairness, villainy, responsibility, smear, blot, abase, iniquity, riot act, slur, stain, horror, cop out, condemnation, smirch, decry, blacken, debauchery, rottenness, obloquy, roguishness, onus, falsehood, blemish, vilification, scorn, renege, disrespect, facelessness, spot, bastardize, vice, denounce, aggravate, objurgation.

Quotes of honor

  1. I want to continue doing as big a variety of things as I can do, and if that means I have the honor of getting to do more feature work, I would love that. I know that if I make any other long -term TV commitments, it's not going to be on a drama. – Adam Arkin
  2. We treat our people like royalty. If you honor and serve the people who work for you, they will honor and serve you. – Mary Kay Ash
  3. As a privileged survivor of the First World War, I hope I may be allowed to interject here a deeply felt tribute to those who were not fortunate enough to succeed, but who shared the signal honor of trying to the last to salvage peace. – Rene Cassin
  4. If you be faithful, you will have that honor that comes from God: his Spirit will say in your hearts, Well done, good and faithful servants. – Adam Clarke
  5. Our own heart, and not other men's opinions form our true honor – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  6. As to honor you know- it's a very fine mediaeval inheritance which women never got hold of. It wasn't theirs. – Joseph Conrad
  7. I never expected in a million years that I would have the honor to become an advocate of women's health care and education, and I'd dive on a live grenade to get this message out, so thank you for this forum. – Karen Duffy
  8. It is a full time job being honest one moment at a time, remembering to love, to honor to respect. It is a practice, a discipline, worthy of every moment. – Jasmine Guy
  9. No greater nor more affectionate honor can be conferred on an American than to have a public school named after him. – Herbert Hoover
  10. I further value this gift as it gave me an opportunity to accept this distinguished honor in a country so devoted to this cause and whose history marks a wonderful chapter in world development. – Frank B. Kellogg
  11. Winning the Pulitzer is wonderful and it's an honor and I feel so humbled and so grateful, but I think that I'll think of it very much as the final sort of final moment for this book and put it behind me along with the rest of the book, as I write more books. – Jhumpa Lahiri
  12. The people of England have been led in Mesopotamia into a trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honor – T. E. Lawrence
  13. I believe honor thy mother and father is not just a good commandment to live by, it is good public policy to govern by. That is why I feel so strongly about Medicare. – Barbara Mikulski
  14. I only worked on Men of Honor for three weeks, but I walked away with so much. Because Bob is the kind of actor who gives you the opportunity to really go there. And we really had to go there. I mean, we were both playing drunks. – Charlize Theron
  15. When faith is lost, when honor dies, the man is dead. – John Greenleaf Whittier

Usage examples for honor

  1. In honor you can't turn that help against me." – Plotting in Pirate Seas by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  2. " His honor is as good as mine! – Winds of the World by Talbot Mundy
  3. Why then, yer honor is Mr. Larry, the owld man, a going to see the young masther? – The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope
  4. If he were twenty instead of one, she might dare promise to honor him, might dare hope to respect him. – A New Atmosphere by Gail Hamilton
  5. I have the honor etc. – A Second Book of Operas by Henry Edward Krehbiel
  6. Her children, of whom six lived to grow up, were a great comfort and an honor to her. – The Story of the Toys by Mary Harris Toy Dodge
  7. " I have not that honor – The Egyptian Cat Mystery by Harold Leland Goodwin
  8. What is honor anyway; what other people see or what you are? – From the Car Behind by Eleanor M. Ingram
  9. " Then you must honor me. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  10. Dick was the soul of honor – The Scarlet Feather by Houghton Townley
  11. My honor is in my own keeping. – The Bride of Fort Edward by Delia Bacon
  12. " I never thought of the honor Eloise replied. – The Cromptons by Mary J. Holmes
  13. The honor of the army is at stake. – Captain Jinks, Hero by Ernest Crosby
  14. But with the help of the man I trust and honor and believe in, and- and love- perhaps I may yet be. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  15. What love, what honor what defeat What hope of the Holy Grail. – Songs and Satires by Edgar Lee Masters
  16. Look at Captain Herrick- the soul of honor – Possessed by Cleveland Moffett
  17. He says, mamma, that it is too great an honor to be your son. – Every Soul Hath Its Song by Fannie Hurst
  18. Here my lord Cid got honor and all that on him wait. – The Lay of the Cid by R. Selden Rose and Leonard Bacon
  19. Sarah looked him straight in the face, and said slowly,- 'And my honor – The Clique of Gold by Emile Gaboriau
  20. I have done honor to both. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins

Rhymes for honor

  • goner, honore, konner;
  • donar, conner, connor, donner;
  • dishonor, o'connor, oconnor;
  • afrikaner;

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