Usage examples for homers

  1. Nor is that all the part the brave birds played at this great time, for it was no other than some of our own fine homers that conveyed the first news of glorious victory to Venice. – Chico: the Story of a Homing Pigeon by Lucy M. Blanchard
  2. The Homers and Shakespeares and Goethes spring from rich soil left by dead centuries; they are like native trees that grow so well nowhere else. – Definitions by Henry Seidel Canby
  3. The Homers and Shakespeares are not the greatest- they are only the greatest that we can know. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler
  4. But the Homers don't think that, and Kit Cameron doesn't, either. – Patty's Suitors by Carolyn Wells
  5. We have most of these birds for show purposes, but we will not go into detail, as we feel that P. V. Homers and Carneaux are really the best utility breeders. – Raising P.V. Squabs for Profit by John S. Trecartin
  6. These we will put at the very low price of $ 3 a dozen, a price they will bring in a country town of any size, and we have $ 3 as the gross returns from a pair of fair breeding Homers. – Profitable Squab Breeding by Carl Dare
  7. Say, for the sake of a basis from which to arrange, that a loft of a good strain of Homers, properly housed and fed, will produce an average of six pairs of squabs each year. – Profitable Squab Breeding by Carl Dare
  8. Next to P. V. Homers, we believe the P. V. Carneaux are the best. – Raising P.V. Squabs for Profit by John S. Trecartin
  9. " He must ha' been shot," said Dauvit, " for thae homers find their way hame by instinct." – A Dominie in Doubt by A. S. Neill
  10. The proprietor of this plant has told me that when he began with a few pairs of Homers of indiscriminate breeding he had hardly enough funds to pay for the birds and their feed for the first few months. – Profitable Squab Breeding by Carl Dare
  11. Where a large number are kept, it is not uncommon for the owner to realize $ 1. 50 net profit from a pair of Homers. – Profitable Squab Breeding by Carl Dare
  12. People generally like and understand best those who are of much about the same social standing and money status as their own; and so it is for the most part as between those who have only the average amount of genius and the Homers, Shakespeares and Handels of the race. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler
  13. The greater part of the assembly seemed favourable to the poet's demand, but one man " observed that if they were to feed Homers, they would be encumbered with a multitude of useless people." – The Odyssey of Homer by Homer, translated by Alexander Pope
  14. Harry tossed the corn inside the cage, and as the light and dark homers he wanted tasted the food Harry lowered the little door, and took the birds safely in his arms. – The Bobbsey Twins in the Country by Laura Lee Hope
  15. Where we fail is for want of Homers, not Agamemnons. – The House of Souls by Arthur Machen
  16. But the Manlys and Homers of the Restoration comedy have a prosaic, cold- blooded profligacy that disgusts. – Brief History of English and American Literature by Henry A. Beers