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carload, besiege, bucket, scads, sight, multiplicity, plateful, pray, conjure, plentitude, bushel, passel, peck, bunch, mass, implore, beg, volume, lot, boatload, profusion, entreat, abundance, fistful, good deal, potful, Importune, quantity, heap, slew, solicit, basketful, beseech, bundle, Impetrate, stack, deal, hundred, spate, oodles, wad, wealth, shipload, lashings, barrel, supplicate, mountain, sheaf, mess, truckload, load, plenitude, REAMS, pack, chunk, dozen, raft.

Quotes of hint

  1. Sitting by the chimney corner as we grow old, the commonest things around us take on live meanings and hint at the difference between these driving times and the calm, slow moving days when we were young. – Rebecca H. Davis
  2. The greatest thing in family life is to take a hint when a hint is intended -and not to take a hint when a hint isn't intended. – Robert Frost
  3. All roads indeed lead to Rome, but theirs also is a more mystical destination, some bourne of which no traveller knows the name, some city, they all seem to hint even more eternal. – Richard Le Gallienne
  4. Yet, if the most frequent sex and apparently the best sex is that between married partners who are faithful to one another, is there not a hint that affection might be an important aspect of sex? Even love? – Andrew Greeley
  5. Something about her eyes or voice has always suggested the hint of a free spirit, trapped in a Peck and Peck cage, dreaming of making rude noises at public gatherings of Republicans. – Jeff Greenfield
  6. I am perfectly conscious that this contempt and hatred underlies the general tone of the community towards us, and yet when I even remotely hint at the fact that we are not a favorite people I am accused of stirring up strife and setting barriers between the two sects. – Emma Lazarus
  7. A discerning eye needs only a hint and understatement leaves the imagination free to build its own elaborations. – Russell Page
  8. Nowhere, absolutely nowhere, has there ever been a hint not even a whisper, that a Black person was involved in the assassination of the president. But that's the kind of thing you have in this movie. – Louis Stokes
  9. We cannot be kind to each other here for even an hour. We whisper, and hint and chuckle and grin at our brother's shame; however you take it we men are a little breed. – Alfred Lord Tennyson
  10. A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint What I began by reading, I must finish by acting. – Henry David Thoreau
  11. So many people have said that to me, that what they really like about Alex is what she brings out in Marissa, and what this situation brings out in her, a hint of happiness and another side to her character. – Olivia Wilde
  12. Traveling to swimming meets took me beyond my small -town existence, gave me a hint of the exciting world outside of my own home. – Esther Williams
  13. I gave the couple a hint of a design that would work great with the bones of their home. They weren't ready for it, and they embarrassed themselves and that's too bad. – Douglas Wilson

Usage examples for hint

  1. After a while he began to hint at some little matter- I couldn't quite get its nature." – Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist by John T. McIntyre
  2. In fact I have already given him a hint – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. And the hint was quite enough. – A Dog with a Bad Name by Talbot Baines Reed
  4. But I don't doubt I shall ask you, if you'll be so good as to let me, for the help of a hint or two: as to how to do, don't you know? – The Awkward Age by Henry James
  5. I just heard a hint about it, replied Egon; but what has happened, Your Excellency? – The Sign of Flame by E. Werner
  6. Reader was quick enough to take this broad hint and keep up the talk. – The Adventures of a Three-Guinea Watch by Talbot Baines Reed
  7. He took the hint and went away directly. – Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville by Mary Somerville
  8. He chose to take the arrival of the blind men as a hint from Providence and to " go it blind" on the strength of what he had hoped might happen. – King--of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy
  9. You never heard me say such a word; and don't you hint such a thing in the ship, or you will get yourself into trouble. – Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault
  10. Baird would have liked to get some hint of the state of things before he went down, but the family reserve seemed to reside in the black woman also. – Nobody's Child by Elizabeth Dejeans
  11. If I had that Knowledge I might perhaps see Grounds of Suspicion that the Design was far different from that of giving you a friendly Hint – The Original Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 4 by Samuel Adams
  12. It was he who had first given the hint to Paul of the movement on foot against him. – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  13. You appear to hint that you know who I am? – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  14. I tell you again that if the men get a hint of your character or purpose they will hunt you to death." – Taken Alive by E. P. Roe
  15. You never gave us a hint of this in your letters home. – The Carved Cupboard by Amy Le Feuvre
  16. If you refuse my offer, don't hint at things you have to do. – Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  17. How on earth did you ever get a hint of such a thing as this? – Mask of Death by Paul Ernst
  18. But it would hardly do to hint at this just now. – Doctor Luttrell's First Patient by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  19. And, at the same time, don't give them a hint as to our plans. – Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera or, Thrilling Adventures while taking Moving Pictures by Victor Appleton
  20. And not one word to her, not so much as one hint mind you, as to the reason of your going; it'll just be good- by and farewell! – Lahoma by John Breckinridge Ellis

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