Usage examples for hew

  1. You take Minna like an axe to hew me down. – Seraphita by Honore de Balzac
  2. Because the grasses grew, Because the sweet winds blew, Because that he could hew And hammer, he was glad. – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various
  3. O thou blunt axe, what forests canst thou hew? – Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul by Various
  4. Every man had the right to rough- hew his own life. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  5. Thou, fighting for poor humankind, wilt feel The strength of Roland in thy wrist to hew A chasm sheer into the barrier rock, And bring the army of the faithful through. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  6. Let us lay the axe to the very root of this evil and hew it down. – After the Storm by T. S. Arthur
  7. Punch thus became to London much what the Old Comedy was to Athens; and, whatever individual critics may say, he is recognised as the Nation's Jester, though he has always sought to do what Swift declared was futile- to work upon the feelings of the vulgar with fine sense, which " is like endeavouring to hew blocks with a razor." – The History of "Punch" by M. H. Spielmann
  8. The history of this spot may serve to encourage all who at any time or anywhere are called in the way of duty to be the first to attack and rough- hew a forest- wild for the benefit of another generation. – Toronto of Old by Henry Scadding
  9. Then you'd probably hew down the forest, which would be a loss to the State: you would have to do something with your superfluous energy. – Senator North by Gertrude Atherton
  10. It was at this time that the famous sculptor came from the capital of Germany to hew a great lion out of granite, in honor of Liberty. – Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2 by Martin Anderson Nexo
  11. Then he saw an angel coming down from heaven crying, " Hew down the tree, and cut off his branches; shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit; let the beasts get away from under it, and the fowls from his branches; nevertheless, leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion be with the beasts of the grass of the earth; let his heart be changed from a man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him, and let seven times pass over him." – Child's Story of the Bible by Mary A. Lathbury
  12. The preacher said slowly, 'There is a Divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will. – Judith of the Godless Valley by Honoré Willsie
  13. Moore was his superior officer, and there was also Sir Hew Dalrymple and Sir Harry Burrard on their way, the former of whom would take the chief, and the latter, the second command of the army. – Maxims And Opinions Of Field-Marshal His Grace The Duke Of Wellington, Selected From His Writings And Speeches During A Public Life Of More Than Half A Century by Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
  14. Yonder stands an old tree; hew it down, and in its roots you will find something. – The Golden Goose Book by L. Leslie Brooke
  15. What is to be will be; or, rather, I have found all my life, as Hamlet says: 'There's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough- hew them how we will. – Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian? by John B. Remsburg
  16. What would you call that man, who under- sail in a most goodly ship, wherein he ventures his life, fortunes, and honours, yet in a fury should hew the mast down, cast sails overboard, fire all the tacklings, and to crown this madness, should blow up all the decks, burn th'oaken ribs, and in that combat 'twix two elements leap desperately, and drown himself in the seas? – The Noble Spanish Soldier by Thomas Dekker
  17. Indeed character consists in little acts, well and honourably performed; daily life being the quarry from which we build it up, and rough- hew the habits which form it. – Self Help by Samuel Smiles
  18. All of which goes to prove that a divinity shapes our ends, rough hew them how we may. – The Husbands of Edith by George Barr McCutcheon
  19. Take heed whence a scourge- like star comes again; for from that direction will come the foe that will hew down the yellow- haired men. – The Scarlet Banner by Felix Dahn