\hˈɜːpiːz dɪpˈasənz], \hˈɜːpiːz dɪpˈasənz], \h_ˈɜː_p_iː_z d_ɪ_p_ˈa_s_ə_n_z]\
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  • H. exedens-h. Esthiomenus, H. exedens-h. Estiomenus, H. exedens-h. Farinosus, Pityriasis-h. Ferox, H. exedens-h. Ferus, H. exedens-h. Furfuraceus, Pityriasis-h. Furfuraceus circinatus, Lepra, H. exedens-h. Miliaris, H. phlyctaenoides-h. Periscelis, H. zoster-h. Serpigo, H. circinatus-h. Tonsurans, Porrigo decalvans.
1846 - Medical lexicon: a dictionary of medical science
By Robley Dunglison

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