Usage examples for heredity

  1. I am aware that there are those who decline to admit any influence of mental heredity, and argue that environment is the only factor to be considered. – Grain and Chaff from an English Manor by Arthur H. Savory
  2. Let us see, then, if we cannot find something encouraging even in this law of heredity. – What a Young Woman Ought to Know by Mary Wood-Allen
  3. Another objection comes from the facts of heredity. – Hinduism and Buddhism, Vol I. (of 3) An Historical Sketch by Charles Eliot
  4. By the Gospel of Heredity I mean this brighter side, this " Good- tidings" of the law. – What a Young Woman Ought to Know by Mary Wood-Allen
  5. In other words, the young folk present not only an individual continuity with their organic predecessors which is heredity proper, but with their social predecessors also. – Civics: as Applied Sociology by Patrick Geddes
  6. I am troubled whenever I reflect on the subject of heredity. – Wandering Heath by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  7. For the lack of those qualities she was not to blame, since they spring from heredity or environment. – A Forest Hearth: A Romance of Indiana in the Thirties by Charles Major
  8. This assertion must not be wrongly interpreted; the possibilities of training and education are great, but they can do little to overcome all of the defects placed upon the child by heredity. – Parent and Child Vol. III., Child Study and Training by Mosiah Hall
  9. The organization of our nervous system which we get through heredity undoubtedly has much to do with the feeling tone into which we most easily fall. – The Mind and Its Education by George Herbert Betts
  10. But, given the values that rule in that society, we may be sure that our static picture of that value system will sum up much of the influence of the bad land and the good heredity, mingled with the other factors which have determined that set of values. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
  11. In his Belgian out- of- doors scenes and interiors the Belgian heredity of Rops projects itself unmistakably. – Promenades of an Impressionist by James Huneker
  12. The subject of heredity, resumed Klingenspiel, is one of vast importance, and although its principles are well understood, man has hitherto not touched the possibilities that can be accomplished. – The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton by Wardon Allan Curtis
  13. People are buried alive for a week before they are married so that their offspring may know something about the grave, of which, otherwise, heredity could teach it nothing. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler
  14. The particular type of brain we possess is given us through heredity, and we can do little or nothing to change the type. – The Mind and Its Education by George Herbert Betts