Definitions of herald

  1. To introduce, or give tidings of, as by a herald; to proclaim; to announce; to foretell; to usher in.
  2. To introduce; proclaim; usher in.
  3. To introduce, as by a herald: to proclaim.
  4. To announce publicly; usher in; proclaim.
  5. foreshadow or presage
  6. To proclaim; to introduce, as by a herald.
  7. An officer whose business was to denounce or proclaim war, to challenge to battle, to proclaim peace, and to bear messages from the commander of an army. He was invested with a sacred and inviolable character.
  8. In the Middle Ages, the officer charged with the above duties, and also with the care of genealogies, of the rights and privileges of noble families, and especially of armorial bearings. In modern times, some vestiges of this office remain, especially in England. See Heralds' College ( below), and King- at- Arms.
  9. A proclaimer; one who, or that which, publishes or announces; as, the herald of another's fame.
  10. A forerunner; a a precursor; a harbinger.
  11. Any messenger.
  12. Formerly, an official who proclaimed peace and war, bore messages, etc.; a forerunner; harbinger; any messenger.
  13. An officer who makes proclamations; one who blazons coats- of- arms; a forerunner.
  14. An official bearer of messages, as from a sovereign; any bearer of news; a forerunner.
  15. An officer whose business is to marshal and conduct ceremonies at coronations, royal marriages, installations, creations of peers, declarations of war, proclamations of peace, & c.; also, to record and blazon the arms of the nobility and gentry, and to regulate abuses therein; a proclaimer; a forerunner.
  16. An officer who reads proclamations and regulates public ceremonies, & c.; one who registers all matters connected with genealogy and armorial bearings; a precursor or harbinger; one who formerly carried messages between princes.