Quotes of heaviness

  1. Think of color, pitch, loudness, heaviness and hotness. Each is the topic of a branch of physics. – Benoit Mandelbrot

Usage examples for heaviness

  1. Let me eat and drink, for to- morrow I die; ' and they had cast themselves down into sin, for very weariness and heaviness and were for a while as the beasts which have no law. – The Water of Life and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley
  2. When we read Paul's experience, we find it largely a record of privation and suffering, of sorrow and heaviness – Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor
  3. When K., trying his best to interest her and to conceal his own heaviness of spirit, told her of his grandfather's old carriage, she sat back in the shadow. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  4. There's a heaviness in the air and a strange weight about my eyelids. – The Golden Rock by Ernest Glanville
  5. The old heaviness came over him. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  6. And Lise, despite the heaviness of the air, was dreaming. – The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  7. A heaviness had fallen upon her with the first sight of old Mr. Harrington on the bank. – Mabel's Mistake by Ann S. Stephens
  8. And of that longing heaviness doth come, Whence oft great sickness grows of heart and home; Sick are they all for lack of their desire; And thus in May their hearts are set on fire, So that they burn forth in great martyrdom. –  by
  9. The darkness still covered you; the heaviness still pressed you down. – Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor
  10. But I do not think that the actual decline and close of our ordinary vitality brings with it any particular heaviness of the spirits. – Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens by G. K. Chesterton
  11. The little ones kneeling round, their sleepy eyes blinking and red, awaited her preparations full of a suspended wonder which their physical heaviness at that hour would not allow to become active. – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  12. I must not allow myself to think of it; I must shake off this heaviness – The Clique of Gold by Emile Gaboriau
  13. The hunter's thumbs had pressed deep on each side of his neck, and his head felt like wood for heaviness but shot with pain. – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  14. The thought of a supper with Reifferscheid had a bit of supper heaviness about it. – She Buildeth Her House by Will Comfort
  15. He used the tones that made her shrink, but tonight she was unmoved, and he saw that her womanhood was crushed by the heaviness of her fatigue, and she was no more than a human being who needed rest. – Moor Fires by E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young
  16. " Go to it, Bob," I advised myself in the language I had heard Mr. Saint Louis use when he was forced to ask a nice lady, who danced with disagreeable heaviness to trot the fox with him because of a friendship with his mother. – The Daredevil by Maria Thompson Daviess
  17. 5, A considerable and unusual Numbness; Sleep more profound, of more Duration, and yet less tranquil and calm, than at other times; a greater Propensity than ordinary to be fatigued after moderate Exercise or Work; and a little Oppression and Heaviness from walking. – Advice to the people in general, with regard to their health by Samuel Auguste David Tissot
  18. Without words, without heaviness he had come along, fitting so blithely into the new places, bringing his laugh and his skepticism of self always, asking for no sign nor reward of the future, building no dream of heaven, but standing true to the tasks of earth. – Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort
  19. It is not heart joy, but a picture and shadow of the gladness of the heart in the outward countenance; and whatever it be, sorrow, grief, and heaviness follow at its heels, by a fatal inevitable necessity. – The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning by Hugh Binning
  20. She felt so suddenly lightened of a great heaviness that she could have clapped her hands over her head and bounded into the air. – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield