Quotes of headquarters

  1. The old sergeant from headquarters treats me like a son and takes the greatest pride in whatever I do or write. He regularly assigns me now to certain doors, and I always obey orders like the little gentleman that I am. – Richard H. Davis
  2. To -night I am going to take a party to the headquarters of the fire department, where I have a cinch on the captain, a very nice fellow, who is unusually grateful for something I wrote about him and his men. They are going to do the Still Alarm act for me. – Richard H. Davis
  3. If the many allegations made to this date are true, then the burglars who broke into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate were, in effect, breaking into the home of every citizen. – Sam Ervin
  4. Go down to the Republican headquarters They ain't got a single black working there. Not one. – Charles Evers
  5. We must rid this nation of the United Nations, which provides the communist conspiracy with a headquarters here on our own shores, and which actually makes it impossible for the United States to form its own decisions about its conduct and policies in Europe and Asia. – John T. Flynn
  6. We are the party of the Czechoslovak proletariat and our general headquarters are in Moscow. – Klement Gottwald
  7. As far as the targets hit by the Islamic attackers, I do not consider the WTC a U. S. institution, but the headquarters of most that's wrong with our present masters. – Tom Metzger
  8. It is made the duty of every Commanding Officer in the Department, to arrest and send to these Headquarters under guard, every officer or soldier who may be found absent from his command, without the regular leave in writing, prescribed by Regulations and General Orders. – John H. Morgan
  9. Do what is right, not what you think the high headquarters wants or what you think will make you look good. – Norman Schwarzkopf
  10. The number of great museums and nonprofits versus the number of corporate headquarters is incredibly out of whack. – Richard Stengel
  11. We had an apartment on west side of Central Park. The rent was very reasonable. We found out later that it belonged to a gangster called Legs Diamond and it was a front to his headquarters It was fine. – James Stewart
  12. The secondary attack was made against The Hague. Its aim was to get a hold upon the Dutch capital, and in particular to capture the Government offices and the Service headquarters – Kurt Student
  13. And they turned around and leased it to The Assembly Of God Churches- their headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri. They leased it to them for the first year. Then, after the first year, they will donate it to the church. – Mel Tillis
  14. General Sherman looked upon journalists as a nuisance and a danger at headquarters and in the field, and acted toward them accordingly, then as throughout his great war career. – Henry Villard

Usage examples for headquarters

  1. He'd better get out of this country before that gets back to headquarters – The Unspeakable Perk by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  2. He made his way at once to Headquarters and walked in upon a meeting of officers. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  3. I couldn't believe it- I wouldn't believe it until somebody saw you walking with one of them to their Headquarters – The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  4. When I find out the headquarters you must ride again. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
  5. During a visit which he made to Boston, his headquarters were at Chickering's pianoforte warerooms, and on one occasion I was presented to him as a youth of some musical promise. – Memories of a Musical Life by William Mason
  6. I'll go to police headquarters – Boy Scouts in a Submarine by G. Harvey Ralphson
  7. " Camp Faith" was thereupon selected as the name of cavalry headquarters – Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life by Charles King
  8. During the same evening two companies of another unit came to the trench occupied by Headquarters – The Story of the "9th King's" in France by Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts
  9. I was on my way to headquarters – A Hero of Liége by Herbert Strang
  10. Raising his hand he called attention to himself; then, when he was quite sure of being heard by them all, he addressed them with a quiet emphasis which could not fail to gain and hold their attention: I am Detective Gryce, sent here from Police Headquarters to look into this very serious matter. – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green
  11. " Briefly, I am at El Hassan's headquarters – Border, Breed Nor Birth by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  12. The custom- house was taken for the American headquarters – Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White
  13. " She was with the Major at headquarters this morning. – My Lady of the North by Randall Parrish
  14. Then, he bethought himself to communicate with police headquarters – The Last Woman by Ross Beeckman
  15. That afternoon when he tried to find Boyd, he, too, was missing and none of the headquarters company knew where the boy had gone. – Ride Proud, Rebel! by Andre Alice Norton
  16. So we'll just say nothing at all about it at headquarters – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil
  17. He went at once to headquarters where he told General Washington what he had learned. – The Dare Boys of 1776 by Stephen Angus Cox
  18. Look here, Izzy, I want you to use a little influence with headquarters on this deal- the boss doesn't want to show his hand there, and leaning forward, Ben Chacherre spoke in a low tone. – The Mardi Gras Mystery by H. Bedford-Jones
  19. He was back in London in 1883, and after that visit, like Siemens, he made it his headquarters – The-Romance-of-Industry-and-Invention by Cochrane, Robert
  20. This is the Headquarters Staff. – The Happy Foreigner by Enid Bagnold