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beheaded, decapitated, unoriented, unheaded, headless, immature, acephalous.

Quotes of headed

  1. I am very abnormal... But it wasn't very long ago that I wasn't so abnormal. I was very normal and headed for a lifetime of paying medical bills as proof of my normalcy. – Dirk Benedict
  2. I'd come back after having served as ambassador to New Zealand and found that I had real concerns about the direction in which this country was headed – Carol Moseley Braun
  3. The Bahamas is headed for unprecedented economic activity. – Perry Christie
  4. I would like you to consider the difference in the time from 1963 to date. The FBI, at that time, was headed by Mr. Hoover who had been appointed Director continuously. He had, I would say, a good reputation. – John Sherman Cooper
  5. The supreme satisfaction is to be able to despise one's neighbor and this fact goes far to account for religious intolerance. It is evidently consoling to reflect that the people next door are headed for hell. – Aleister Crowley
  6. But I do believe this- I believe that fundamentally, society is headed in the right direction or wants to head in the right direction, and I think judges have an obligation to try to help it head there. – Judge Mills Lane
  7. Beware the old man in young guy's clothes. If he's over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he's headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign. – Merrill Markoe
  8. The great thing about this town hall format is that it allows us to hear what's on the minds of Americans. Tonight, it was clear- voters have quite a few questions about the direction in which the current administration is headed – Janet Napolitano
  9. I don't care whether you're driving a hybrid or an SUV. If you're headed for a cliff, you have to change direction. That's what the American people called for in November, and that's what we intend to deliver. – Barack Obama
  10. Leadership is an active role; 'lead' is a verb. But the leader who tries to do it all is headed for burnout, and in a powerful hurry. – Bill Owens
  11. Anybody that's a Dolphins fan feels they're headed in the right direction. – Don Shula
  12. In 1975 I decided that there was no future in flying( airline jobs were impossible to get, and who wants a job where you are judged only by seniority?) and headed off to grad school. – W. Richard Stevens

Usage examples for headed

  1. It was Winifred, bare- headed – Aylwin by Theodore Watts-Dunton
  2. Chegwidden could have headed it off, only he had finished his day's work. – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  3. I'm headed north right now. – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day
  4. It was the red- headed man he'd stung with a stun- pistol the day before. – The Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster
  5. " Thee was clear- headed enough to get around mother in half an hour," said the old gentleman again, laughing heartily. – A Day Of Fate by E. P. Roe
  6. These red- headed children were fine playfellows. – The Little House in the Fairy Wood by Ethel Cook Eliot
  7. You should have seen her face when I got to the pink- headed one," said Mary, beginning suddenly to appreciate the humor of the situation. – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  8. " Well, I don't agree with you," said hot- headed Nora. – Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways by Jessie Graham Flower
  9. Harry headed straight into the east when he felt that he was high enough. – The Boy Scout Aviators by George Durston
  10. You said that was how you headed the day before you struck the lake. – The Gold Trail by Harold Bindloss
  11. So in order to keep clear- headed he did not drink. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  12. It just shows one how foolish and empty- headed these girls are. – The House of Souls by Arthur Machen
  13. Think of that little affair of the red- headed men. – The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge by Arthur Conan Doyle
  14. " But I was hot- headed – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  15. We got on his track and headed him up in the Sarcee camp. – Corporal Cameron by Ralph Connor
  16. But she accepted very cordially what our light- headed companion said about the songs he used to listen to. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  17. Then he went to the window, stepped out, and headed for the roof again. – What The Left Hand Was Doing by Gordon Randall Garrett
  18. Labiskwee, too, was light- headed most of the time. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  19. Martin has often said his first flame is now a gray- headed lady, and yet he was sure at one time he never could endure life without her. – Without a Home by E. P. Roe
  20. The machine was then turned around, and headed for the opening in the forest through which they had entered. – The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen by Kenneth Ward

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