Usage examples for he'll

  1. He'll get us all killed. – The Gun by Philip K. Dick
  2. He knows," she repeated; " and when I go back- for he'll have thought me over a little- it will be all right." – The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2 by Henry James
  3. He'll be here in an hour." – Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories by Bret Harte
  4. Well, anyhow, he'll soon be with us. – The Brightener by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  5. But are you sure he'll take you back? – A Jolly Fellowship by Frank R. Stockton
  6. He'll go on till you do. – My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse
  7. I'll be there with all the help he'll need." – The Grafters by Francis Lynde
  8. He'll have another name and another home before night. – The Come Back by Carolyn Wells
  9. He'll have to take what's coming to him. – Murder in the Gunroom by Henry Beam Piper
  10. Oh, he'll do that, Sir Gilbert! – Dead Men's Money by J. S. Fletcher
  11. I couldn't send him away, but now I hope he'll stay there." – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  12. He's seen 'the far Moon' with the Dreamer's eyes, and that's probably all he'll ever see of it. – The Moon out of Reach by Margaret Pedler
  13. He'll never miss the little I take." – The-Burgess-Animal-Book-for-Children by Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo)
  14. He'll be in at any minute." – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  15. Perhaps he'll never come back. – Patty in Paris by Carolyn Wells
  16. He'll make trouble if he can, but I don't see how he can. – Other Main-Travelled Roads by Hamlin Garland
  17. He'll get over all that sort of thing in time. – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman
  18. He'll play any game he goes into for his own hand. – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  19. I'll tell him he'll have to find some one else. – Tom Swift and his Wizard Camera or, Thrilling Adventures while taking Moving Pictures by Victor Appleton
  20. But he'll get them! – Joan of Arc of the North Woods by Holman Day