Definitions of hail

  1. To come from.
  2. To pour out like hail; pour down hail.
  3. To salute; call to; give a loud call.
  4. To pour forcibly down, as hail.
  5. To call loudly to, or after; to accost; to salute; to address.
  6. To name; to designate; to call.
  7. An exclamation of respectful or reverent salutation, or, occasionally, of familiar greeting.
  8. To pour down or out like hail; call to or salute.
  9. To greet: to call to, at a distance: to address one passing.
  10. To rain hail.
  11. To call to; salute.
  12. To pour down particles of ice, or frozen vapors.
  13. To declare, by hailing, the port from which a vessel sails or where she is registered; hence, to sail; to come; - used with from; as, the steamer hails from New York.
  14. To report as one's home or the place from whence one comes; to come; - with from.
  15. To fall, as hail.
  16. call for, as of cabs
  17. be a native of; " She hails from Kalamazoo"
  18. To call to one at a distance to arrest his attention; to greet as.
  19. To pour down like hail.
  20. To address one in passing; to call after loudly.
  21. enthusiastic greeting
  22. precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents
  23. call for; " hail a cab"
  24. Small roundish masses of ice precipitated from the clouds, where they are formed by the congelation of vapor. The separate masses or grains are called hailstones.
  25. A wish of health; a salutation; a loud call.
  26. Frozen raindrops; a call or salutation.
  27. Or imp. ( lit.) may you be in health.
  28. Frozen rain or particles of ice falling from the clouds.
  29. A call.
  30. Frozen drops of rain.
  31. Of salutation.
  32. Frozen rain or congealed vapor, falling in pellets.
  33. A call to attract attention; greeting.
  34. A shower of rain in the form of ice.
  35. A salutation; call.
  36. Drops of rain frozen while falling.
  37. A familiar greeting; a reverential salutation.
  38. An exclamation of respectful and friendly greeting; as, Hail, my friend.
  39. An exclamation of greeting.
  40. Health to you.
  41. A word expressive of a wish for one's health.
  42. Healthy. See Hale ( the preferable spelling).