Quotes of habitual

  1. It seems difficult, sometimes, to believe that there was a time when sentiments now become habitual sentiments that imply not only the original imperative of conduct, but the original metaphysic of living, were by no means altogether habitual – Lascelles Abercrombie
  2. Such as are your habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of your mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius
  3. Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons to promote the good and happiness of one another. – Eustace Budgell
  4. Sport is the habitual and voluntary cultivation of intensive physical effort. – Pierre de Coubertin
  5. People talk about the courage of condemned men walking to the place of execution: sometimes it needs as much courage to walk with any kind of bearing towards another person's habitual misery. – Graham Greene
  6. Life is the art of being well deceived; and in order that the deception may succeed it must be habitual and uninterrupted. – William Hazlitt
  7. In truth, politeness is artificial good humor, it covers the natural want of it, and ends by rendering habitual a substitute nearly equivalent to the real virtue. – Thomas Jefferson
  8. This same habitual blindness to spiritual, substantive dimensions of every significant challenge continues to handicap Hollywood. – Michael Medved
  9. Let what is irksome become habitual no more will it trouble you. – Ovid
  10. In my own case, who have spent my whole life in the practice of virtue, right conduct from habitual has become natural. – Sallust
  11. I've come up with another formulation about style: that it's essentially a manifestation of a certain habitual set of limitations. It's what a composer does NOT do that defines a style. – James Tenney
  12. The way to know about championship quality is to learn from champions, and that I did; studying them with professional purpose during my time in the ring and from habitual interest afterward. – Gene Tunney

Usage examples for habitual

  1. 16. 'To travel and trade, ' means to pursue or labour in an habitual course, exercise, or custom, as, 'Thy sin's not accidental but a trade. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  2. At the bottom of the jar I put a paper bag, to serve as his habitual residence. – The Life of the Spider by J. Henri Fabre
  3. He had recovered his habitual calm, and as I peered at him through the gloom, I was impressed anew with the tremendous intellectual force of the man. – The Devil Doctor by Sax Rohmer
  4. He ran his fingers over his head in a habitual gesture which long since had worn a bald streak along the top. – Every Man for Himself by Hopkins Moorhouse
  5. " I came to speak to Miss Boyce and her mother on business," said Aldous, with all his habitual reserve. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  6. It is evident, that since the Defects of Health are very different in different Bodies, the Preparations of them must as often vary; and that a Child subject to some habitual Disorder, cannot be prepared in the same Method with another who has a very opposite one. – Advice to the people in general, with regard to their health by Samuel Auguste David Tissot
  7. There was something in this so unlike their father, that what at any other time they would have hailed as a relief to his habitual abstraction now half alarmed them. – Devil's Ford by Bret Harte
  8. This was the beginning of an attitude of mind that later became habitual with that group of freshmen. – Peggy Parsons a Hampton Freshman by Annabel Sharp
  9. Thus they stood, looking into each other's eyes, and in that brief glance, for all his habitual self- control, he would have been more than human had he succeeded in concealing the unbounded surprise- largely mingled with dismay- which flashed across his face. – The Triumph of Hilary Blachland by Bertram Mitford
  10. Then, with a look at his companion, he resumed his habitual indifference to all that was being said around him. – The Adventures of a Special Correspondent by Jules Verne
  11. He rose abruptly, and stood motionless and aghast; his eyes met those of Lady Westborough, who, pale and agitated, lost for the moment all her habitual self- command. – The Disowned, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  12. Roger's fear having now departed, his more habitual feelings again prevailed. – The Settlers at Home by Harriet Martineau
  13. This mental condition consists, as we shall afterwards have occasion to shew more particularly, in a habitual recognition of the supreme authority of conscience over the whole intellectual and moral system, and in a habitual effort to have every desire and every affection regulated by the moral principle, and by a sense of the divine will. – The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings by John Abercrombie
  14. Seeing the flush on Winona's face, she softened her tone and, her habitual good humor returning, added: " If you knew her struggle- There! – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  15. However, it is added, that the adventure gave the doctor a strong habitual aversion for dogs; and I dare say, if the truth were known, fixed in the dog's mind a still stronger aversion to doctors. – Sydney Smith by George W. E. Russell
  16. With her habitual modesty she assumed that it was her part of the work that had been found long and heavy. – Maria Edgeworth by Helen Zimmern
  17. The habitual attitude of the Hindu is crouching upon the ground. – Modern India by William Eleroy Curtis
  18. And the easy sang- froid habitual to him gave place to a sadness of expression, a tired look, that ere now had made women weep. – A Heart-Song of To-day by Annie Gregg Savigny
  19. A feeling will become habitual if continually indulged and expressed, and it is during adolescence that habits are permanently fixed. – Training the Teacher by A. F. Schauffler Antoinette Abernethy Lamoreaux Martin G. Brumbaugh Marion Lawrance
  20. He had a trick of laughing softly through his nose, and my two sticks served to excite a sense of humour as odd as its habitual expression. – No Hero by E.W. Hornung

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