Definitions of Habitability

  1. Habitableness.

Usage examples for Habitability

  1. The importance of these " Northern lights" must not be overlooked in forming an opinion on the habitability of the far north in the " dark" winter months. – Pioneers in Canada by Sir Harry Johnston
  2. I now proceed to discuss his more fundamental position as to the actual habitability of Mars by a highly organised and intellectual race of material organic beings. – Is Mars Habitable? by Alfred Russel Wallace
  3. His objection has its value, but I think it may be combated with some success, like all those of which the habitability of worlds has been the object. – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne
  4. In the matter of the habitability of other worlds you brought me over to your opinion by producing evidence which took away all uncertainty and left me no room to doubt. – Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World by James Cowan
  5. But what renders this work especially interesting to all intelligent readers is, that the author has here, for the first time, fully set forth his views both as to the habitability of Mars and as to its being actually inhabited by beings comparable with ourselves in intellect. – Is Mars Habitable? by Alfred Russel Wallace
  6. My friends, answered Barbicane, I did not undertake this journey to form an opinion upon the ancient habitability of our satellite. – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne
  7. Very well, resumed Michel Ardan; the Scientific Commission, meeting in the projectile of the Gun Club, after having supported its arguments upon fresh facts lately observed, decides unanimously upon the question of the habitability of the moon- 'No, the moon is not inhabited. – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne
  8. I acquired the belief in the habitability of other worlds when quite young, and it long ago grew into a settled conviction. – Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World by James Cowan
  9. A difference of five or ten degrees all over the Earth could mean the ruin of certain crops, it could mean an increase in snowfall and frost that could very rapidly destroy the economies and habitability of many places on the Earth's teeming surface. – The Secret of the Ninth Planet by Donald Allen Wollheim
  10. That idea again brought up the question of the habitability of the moon. – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne
  11. Suppose that man still lives under those conditions of habitability? – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne