Quotes of gymnastics

  1. I have had a few turning points, the first day I entered a gymnastics school at age 6. – Nadia Comaneci
  2. I got a gymnastics scholarship to college, fell in love with my true love of my whole life- who I'm married to now- and he was a virgin too. It was very romantic. – Victoria Jackson
  3. Anyway I will go same road because I, I was born in gymnastics This is my, how to say, my life and my duty. – Olga Korbut
  4. Because up to sixteen years old you feel gymnastics more. You can show your emotion, grace, like woman gymnastics not kid's gymnastics I feel I have good shape, and I can do it elements everything, but, it's not competition for me. – Olga Korbut
  5. But let me do I will show the world what gymnastics looks like. Well may be this is a future gymnastics – Olga Korbut
  6. How many people in the world is, each of them is individual. And I like to eat bread, somebody don't like that. You know this is the same in gymnastics – Olga Korbut
  7. Remember before nineteen seventy two Olympic Games I was total skinny, I was small, very strong, they may be don't like to see a gymnastics like that. I don't know but, gymnastics might. Nineteen seventy two supposed to be change somewhere. – Olga Korbut
  8. Up to nineteen seventy six when I quit gymnastics I was very, disappointed because I didn't have anything which is, live with. I didn't have a friend so I didn't have a coach anymore. – Olga Korbut
  9. I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits. – Kristin Kreuk
  10. Gymnastics uses every single part of your body, every little tiny muscle that you never even knew. – Shannon Miller
  11. In gymnastics the longest routine you do is a minute and a half, and that's pretty tough to get through. – Shannon Miller
  12. Figure skating is an unlikely Olympic event but its good television. It's sort of a combination of gymnastics and ballet. A little sexy too which doesn't hurt. – Andy Rooney

Usage examples for gymnastics

  1. Thy deceased father, excuse me, was cranky in some respects, but he did well when he hired a Swiss for thee; thou rememberest, how thou and he had fistfights; that's called gymnastics isn't it? – A Nobleman's Nest by Ivan Turgenieff
  2. Amongst these, you may be sure of the special and daily delight I take in watching the games and gymnastics of the children, in the corner of Chapel Field just below me, which has been allotted to them, and which was so kindly fitted up for them by the late Mr. Henry Birkbeck. – Addresses & Papers / Collectanea by Peter Eade
  3. Let us hope that the State will decide officially to support M. Buchor's endeavours, and that it will gradually introduce into schools M. Jacques- Delacroze's methods of rhythmic gymnastics which have produced such astonishing results in Switzerland. – Musicians of To-Day by Romain Rolland Commentator: Claude Landi
  4. Suddenly as thought, she would raise her body, and sit quietly gazing at the astonished spectators of her gymnastics – Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
  5. Miss Davis is so busy with that new system of gymnastics she's going to adopt this year that she's left basket ball to Ellen. – Marjorie Dean, High School Junior by Pauline Lester
  6. And swaying back and forth, attempting all manner of high gymnastics was a grotesque figure that stretched out its arms, and made frantic efforts to reach the body of the sapling, so as to climb up. – Camp Fires of the Wolf Patrol by Alan Douglas
  7. Gymnastics are compulsory for both boys and girls in the lower classes, and choral singing is taught in every school. – Home Life in Germany by Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick
  8. While feeling most of all our need of the life that comes from above, let us not ignore the fact that many of the clergy to- day need more gymnastics more fresh air, more nutritious food. – Around The Tea-Table by T. De Witt Talmage
  9. Then is the time for the shy person to apply himself to social gymnastics – At Large by Arthur Christopher Benson
  10. She is not proud, high- spirited, and haughty; she does not constantly " draw herself up to her full height," a species of gymnastics in great favour with most fiction- heroines. – Essays on Russian Novelists by William Lyon Phelps
  11. The interior stairway has been put in part into sufficiently good condition to enable you to use it, if you at the same time call a little bit of gymnastics to your aid, as you will have to do at a few places. – In Search of a Son by William Shepard Walsh
  12. It also shows that the purpose for which one sings is an important factor- random vociferations or a display of vocal gymnastics even of the most cultured kind is both inartistic and unmusical. – Increasing Personal Efficiency by Russell H. Conwell
  13. Self- hypnosis requires practicing a set of mental exercises or mental gymnastics – A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Melvin Powers
  14. Then he disappeared, while she kept up the performance on the rail, with more of a twitter, perhaps, and less of gymnastics – Ways of Wood Folk by William J. Long
  15. It was the gymnastics he said, that had given his daughter the idea of taking up dancing. – Atlantis by Gerhart Hauptmann
  16. The rivalry between them and the Union Pacific interests woke the whole continent and formed a chapter in American railroad history as startling and romantic as anything in the stories of the Vanderbilts and Goulds with their financial gymnastics – The Railroad Builders A Chronicle of the Welding of the States, Volume 38 in The Chronicles of America Series by John Moody
  17. Nothing will be gained, but infinite harm may ensue by over- doing these lung gymnastics and persons at all inclined to bleeding from the lungs should not undertake the exercises at all, except with the sanction of their medical adviser, who will limit the practice according to circumstances. – The Mechanism of the Human Voice by Emil Behnke
  18. He should be allowed to kick, throw his arms in the air and get red in the face; for such gymnastics expand the lungs, increase general circulation and promote the general well- being of the normal child. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
  19. She wondered what her father would think if he saw her sometimes at her gymnastics on the balustrades, taking a sweeping slide from the top to the bottom. – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  20. And Crailey, calling to Tappingham Marsh, next below him, to come higher, left the writhing nozzle in the latter's possession, swung himself out upon the grappling- ladder, imitating the chief's gymnastics and immediately, one hand grasping the second rung, one knee crooked over the lowest, leaned head down and took the nozzle from Marsh. – The Two Vanrevels by Booth Tarkington

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