Usage examples for greenhouse

  1. Then they drove the car over to the greenhouse, but all was quiet and deserted there. – The Boy Scouts on a Submarine by Captain John Blaine
  2. Tonight, I propose a new clean air fund to help communities reduce greenhouse and other pollutions, and tax incentives and investment to spur clean energy technologies. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  3. As grown at the Ohio state experiment station- and the crop ripened in late spring or early summer and sold on the market of smaller cities- greenhouse tomatoes have yielded about two pounds a square foot of glass and brought an average price of 12 cents per pound. – Tomato Culture: A Practical Treatise on the Tomato by William Warner Tracy
  4. A flower- stand was brought in from the greenhouse and placed at one side, out of sight from the drawing- room; for the purpose, as Preston informed Daisy, of holding the lights. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell
  5. The place was like a great big greenhouse, all made of glass, only the glass was sheets of crystal- clear ice. – The Story of a Nodding Donkey by Laura Lee Hope
  6. So Cathie, delighted that she really had something that could interest Polly Pepper, hurried through her preparations; and then the two went downstairs arm in arm, and out to the greenhouse. – Five Little Peppers at School by Margaret Sidney
  7. A story of two people who set out to win their share of the world's wealth, and how they did it; which, as a critic says, " is rather jolly and out- of- door- y, and ends in a greenhouse,"- with some love and pathos, of course, and much practical knowledge. – Floyd Grandon's Honor by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  8. The blue- green glass sky of the greenhouse flung down sparks and heat. – The Created Legend by Feodor Sologub
  9. Don't you know old Macpherson's greenhouse? – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  10. And presently they came down to the greenhouse. – Oswald Bastable and Others by Edith Nesbit
  11. Your mother must have the loveliest greenhouse. – A Dear Little Girl at School by Amy E. Blanchard
  12. Prince Metternich had ordered from the greenhouse some orange and other trees to be moved on to the stage, which made a very pretty effect. – In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875. by L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone
  13. The curate nodded his head several times as he let himself sink down upon the greenhouse steps, resting his hands upon his knees. – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn
  14. It had a sloping garden and a small greenhouse. – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett
  15. I don't b'lieve in shuttin' a flower up in a greenhouse any more 'n I b'lieve in shuttin' myself up in one church." – Lovey Mary by Alice Hegan Rice
  16. " Let me into your greenhouse, Norton," said Judy. – Trading by Susan Warner
  17. A greenhouse which is not sacrificed to flowers is a very pleasant place at certain seasons of the year. – Lalage's Lovers 1911 by George A. Birmingham
  18. And you are not going to come into the greenhouse at all? – Trading by Susan Warner
  19. Having found her pottering about the greenhouse, I broke the news that I was dining out that evening, and that on the morrow duty called me to the metropolis, because I feared that my aged grandmother's chronic bronchitis had taken a turn for the worse. –  by