Definitions of grave

  1. To carve; to engrave.
  2. To clean, as a vessel's bottom, of barnacles, grass, etc., and pay it over with pitch; - so called because graves or greaves was formerly used for this purpose.
  3. To shape or carve by cutting with a chisel; engrave.
  4. To carve or cut, on a hard substance: to engrave.
  5. To carve; engrave.
  6. To write or delineate on hard substances, by means of incised lines; to practice engraving.
  7. To engrave:- pa. p. graved or graven.
  8. To carve or cut on stone or other hard substance with a chisel or edged tool; to engrave; to form by cutting with a chisel.
  9. To clean a ship's bottom, and cover it with pitch. See Graves.
  10. To carve or cut letters or figures on any hard substance, as stone or wood; to carve or form.
  11. Of great weight; heavy; ponderous.
  12. Not light or gay; solemn; sober; plain; as, a grave color; a grave face.
  13. Slow and solemn in movement.
  14. Not acute or sharp; low; deep; - said of sound; as, a grave note or key.
  15. Of importance; momentous; weighty; influential; sedate; serious; - said of character, relations, etc.; as, grave deportment, character, influence, etc.
  16. Graved or graven.
  17. a mark (`) placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation
  18. death of a person; " he went to his grave without forgiving me"; " from cradle to grave"
  19. To dig. [ Obs.] Chaucer.
  20. To carve or cut, as letters or figures, on some hard substance; to engrave.
  21. To carve out or give shape to, by cutting with a chisel; to sculpture; as, to grave an image.
  22. To impress deeply ( on the mind); to fix indelibly.
  23. To entomb; to bury.
  24. An excavation in the earth as a place of burial; also, any place of interment; a tomb; a sepulcher. Hence: Death; destruction.
  25. An excavation or hole in the earth for the reception of a dead body; place of burial.
  26. Graveness.
  27. A pit graved or dug out, esp. one in which to bury the dead: any place of burial: ( fig.) death: destruction.
  28. A pit for the dead; death.
  29. An excavation in the earth for the burial of a dead body; the abode of the dead.
  30. A pit dug to bury a dead human body; any place of burial; a place of great slaughter or mortality; death or destruction.
  31. The pit in which a dead body is laid; a tomb; a sepulchre.
  32. Gravely.
  33. causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm; " a dangerous operation"; " a grave situation"; " a grave illness"; " grievous bodily harm"; " a serious wound"; " a serious turn of events"; " a severe case of pneumonia"
  34. carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface; " engrave a pen"; " engraved the winner's name onto the trophy cup"
  35. Serious; solemn; thoughtful; sedate; important.
  36. ( fig.) Weighty: of importance: serious: not gay: sober: solemn: not acute: low.
  37. Heavy; important; serious; not acute.
  38. Important; serious; sober.
  39. Of weight; of importance; of a serious character; not gay or showy; solemn; sedate; low or depressed, as opposed to acute; heavy or long- sounding.
  40. Serious; sedate; not gay, light, or trifling; weighty; momentous.