Definitions of graphite

  1. A mineral, commonly called blacklead or plumbago ( though containing no lead) largely used in making pencils: in archaeol. a rudely scratched or engraved representation of a figure or a rude inscription on a wall, pillar, and the like. " The next ( in the catacomb under the farm of Tor Marancia near Rome) was a graphite, one of those rude scratchings which, though made by the spirit which has moved the cockneys of all ages to disfigure walls by recording their names of fancies upon them, nevertheless often contain most valuable information. This graphite was found on the intonaco ( plaster) of the apse. In represented in rude outline the profile of a bishop seated, evidently preaching from the episcopal chair, with a kind of background showing the side of the choir, with the pulpit or ambo for the epistle. It was clearly a reminiscence of an event which had occurred within the basilica. Here, again, conjecture could only offer an explanation; but what event could the representation of a pontiff preaching in a basilica within the catacomb believed to be that of Domitilla suggest other than the sainted Gregory delivering that homily he is recorded to have preached to the people in the cemetery where the saints Nereus and Achilleus were burried, and which tradition has connected with the church dedicated to them within the walls!"- Shakespeare Wood.
  2. Mineral. A variety of carbon: used in the making of lead pencils, etc.
  3. A form of carbon; a substance used for pencils, called black- lead or plumbago.