Quotes of godly

  1. Preaching is to much avail, but practice is far more effective. A godly life is the strongest argument you can offer the skeptic. – Hosea Ballou
  2. I discipline churchgoers with godly lessons and sharp words if they do not change their ways. My goal is to open their hearts so that they seek forgiveness. – William Brewster
  3. When you have a godly husband, a godly wife, children who respect their parents and who are loved by their parents, who provide for those children their physical and spiritual and material needs, lovingly, you have the idea unit. – Jerry Falwell
  4. So that godly sorrow may be discerned by this train of graces wherewith it is accompanied, that worldly sorrow wants, at least in the truth of them, though it may have some shadows of them. – Thomas Hooker
  5. Let your daughter have first of all the book of Psalms for holiness of heart, and be instructed in the Proverbs of Solomon for her godly life. – St. Jerome
  6. The human being is flesh and consciousness, body and soul; his heart is an abyss which can only be filled by that which is godly – Olivier Messiaen
  7. And I think that George Bush really is a very godly person. – Pat Robertson
  8. I am not politically correct. I am all about the facts, I am all about the truth and I am all about Godly pursuits and what this country was built on, and I am not apologetic about it. – Luke Scott
  9. Your meditations may be as profound, as exalted, as devout as you like; you may practise every pious exercise you can manage, but all this is as nothing in comparison with the Blessed Sacrament. What we do may be godly but this sacrament is God Himself! – Johannes Tauler

Usage examples for godly

  1. In what simplicity and godly sincerity of heart they took the step that lay right before them, met the difficulty from which others shrank, did " the next thing," and, therefore, wrought for a marvellous future! – Report Of Commemorative Services With The Sermons And Addresses At The Seabury Centenary, 1883-1885. by Diocese Of Connecticut
  2. If her mind was given to godly reading, this might be her reward. – Cousin Henry by Anthony Trollope
  3. He was attached to the " Derbys," and found among them a goodly number of godly men, as in all the battalions and batteries that constituted that unfortunate column. – With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back by Edward P. Lowry
  4. There's nought of religion in sending godly people to prison for praying in their own way." – The Coming of the King by James Hocking
  5. Meat being forbidden, the godly brethren have a contract for fish to be brought up every day by the post- carriage from the distant Soverato. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas
  6. Certainly, we neither of us could say any thing so well worth hearing as what the lark, in his most loud and godly joy, is telling us from on high. – Nancy A Novel by Rhoda Broughton
  7. Pious Bristol and godly Liverpool less than 100 years ago openly grew rich on the traffic. – Theological Essays by Charles Bradlaugh
  8. 38: 18. 10. What is the result of godly sorrow? – Bible-Readings-for-the-Home-Circle by
  9. Thus I was free to settle myself with a noble and godly widow, Baurin von Eyseneck- her maiden name was Hinsbergen- whose manner of life was known to every one in Frankfort, and whose end was blessed. – Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. I. by Gustav Freytag
  10. While they raised him to their altars he does not wear a beard as did all their gods and their kings when they were raised to the godly dignity, but evidently they felt that his humanity was of supreme interest to them. – Education: How Old The New by James J. Walsh
  11. The way of godly men Unto the Lord is known; Whereas the way of wicked men Shall quite be overthrown. – Stories of the Foot-hills by Margaret Collier Graham
  12. The standard which she sets for this devout layman could not be better summed up than in the familiar words: " A sober, godly and righteous life." – Letters of Catherine Benincasa by Catherine Benincasa
  13. 12. How does godly sorrow for sin manifest itself? – Bible-Readings-for-the-Home-Circle by
  14. Our father and mother often say that these be times when men must walk warily, and ofttimes they tell of godly men even in high places who have fallen into disgrace and been accused of fearful sins. – The Secret Chamber at Chad by Evelyn Everett-Green
  15. Poverty, self- denial, the bearing of the yoke in youth, are the highest forms of discipline for a brave and godly manhood. – Julian Home by Dean Frederic W. Farrar
  16. And I should then settle down to a godly righteous, and sober life, I suppose? – Charles Rex by Ethel M. Dell
  17. I found him a kind and godly gentleman whom, more than others there, was good enough to converse frequently with me, and to whom I was pleased to be of service. – When London Burned by G. A. Henty
  18. In fac, this verra mornin', at the beuk, I jist thocht I was readin' a gran' godly ballant, an' it soundet nane the waur for the notion o't." – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  19. But to more godly business! – Life's Little Ironies A set of tales with some colloquial sketches entitled A Few Crusted Characters by Thomas Hardy

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