Usage examples for glean

  1. After that they sailed away, and though they had not made the fortune they had hoped to glean it was a good snug round sum that they shared among them. – Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates by Howard I. Pyle
  2. We may refresh our memory, however, and at the same time glean the most modern thought upon those times, by having recourse to certain useful volumes, companions to our study of these classic writers. – The Book-Hunter at Home by P. B. M. Allan
  3. At meal- time he gave her bread to eat and vinegar to dip it in, and he told his young men to let her glean even among the sheaves and also to pull out some for her from the bundles, and leave it, and let her glean and rebuke her not. – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck
  4. Fairy- We've played so long, the hours of morn will pass E're we can sip the dewdrops from the grass And glean the jewels from the lily's cup. – The Last West and Paolo's Virginia by G. B. Warren
  5. But the young man remembered that the morrow was Tuesday, and promised himself some curious discoveries; all might be well, or all might be ill; he was sure, at least, to glean some curious information, and, perhaps, by good luck, get at the heart of the mystery which surrounded his father and his family. – New-Arabian-Nights by Stevenson, Robert Louis
  6. I tried afterwards to glean from the bar- keeper some facts regarding those experiences, but I am proud to say that he was honorably reticent. – Drift from Two Shores by Bret Harte
  7. They say there is plenty of water ahead on the course I intend to take, but from want of knowledge of their language could glean nothing of the parties that came in search to the north coast; but that they have seen whites was quite evident from their knowledge of the use of the axe. – McKinlay's Journal of Exploration in the Interior of Australia by John McKinlay
  8. " But, Count, if this woman Breitenbach and her pretty daughter are your friends you will be able to visit them and glean something," he said. – The Secrets of Potsdam by William Le Queux
  9. Upon his return, his love of knowledge and active habits induced him to glean as much as he could of his father's profession, and he could repair most articles that were sent in. – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  10. " Well," he said in a low voice, " I dreamed that we had gone to glean the rice- stalks- in a field where there were many flowers- the women had baskets full of rice- stalks the men too had baskets full of rice- stalks- and the children too- I don't remember any more, mother, I don't remember the rest." – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal
  11. 23 There was no news- beyond what one could glean from the incoherent tales of Belgian refugees. – The Soul of the War by Philip Gibbs
  12. All hearts beat to music and measure, Like songs of the spheres as they roll, And from dreamland's far mystical treasure Come songbirds that sing to the soul; Where the glint of the gold in fair tresses Hide a face that we never have seen, And the infinite hope that caresses Kisses joys that we never may glean – The Universe a Vast Electric Organism by George Woodward Warder
  13. The truth both old and young may glean From Scripture's pages. – The Emigrant Mechanic and Other Tales In Verse Together With Numerous Songs Upon Canadian Subjects by Thomas Cowherd
  14. There is much to glean on the ethnography of modern nations, and therefrom we may ascend to ancient ethnography. – The American Nations, Vol. I. by C. S. Rafinesque
  15. His duty is to glean the whole, To pick them from the filth, each one, To hoard them for the hidden sun Which glows within each fiery core And waits to be made free once more. – Sword Blades and Poppy Seed by Amy Lowell
  16. We have a lot of correspondents with us and between them you can glean all the news of importance. – Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White
  17. Not the most romantic place to glean up congratulations, but, of course, that's just as you think about it. – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil
  18. Colepexy, to glean the few apples left on the tree after intaking. – Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect by William Barnes
  19. Now and again he will get hold of a few documentary curiosities among the state archives, but as it would take fifteen years to master the whole collection, he will naturally be content to glean a little here and there. – Introduction to the Study of History by Charles V. Langlois Charles Seignobos
  20. He wanted news of his wife before seeing her, wanted to glean some idea as to what his long absence and unaccountable silence was attributed to; whether Esme and others supposed him to be dead; in which event it might be inadvisable to appear before her suddenly and without any preparation. – The Stronger Influence by F.E. Mills Young