Antonyms for girl

male child, son, boy.

Quotes of girl

  1. I think the girl who is able to earn her own living and pay her own way should be as happy as anybody on earth. The sense of independence and security is very sweet. – Susan B. Anthony
  2. I don't think I have the stomach Veronica has. I think I have the determination and the stubbornness and a little bit of the go -get -em. But I think I'm about 20 percent more girl than Veronica is. There's a lot of Veronica that hits home with me, the sort of feisty area. But I think that I have a little bit more girl I'd scream my head off if I saw a body in the freezer. – Kristen Bell
  3. With dates I like to cater a girl We do whatever she likes. If she was open to what I wanted to do, it probably wouldn't be a dull date, because I am a jock. – Chris Brown
  4. Well in the book Carrie was my alter ego. In real life, Sarah Jessica and I don't look anything alike. But people do say that we sound alike. Sarah Jessica is an adorable girl and she is very funny. – Candace Bushnell
  5. Social topics may hit too close to home for people, but then again, if you pull a heartstring, then that's what country music is. It's not just songs about getting drunk and leaving your girl – Kenny Chesney
  6. If I was a girl again, I would like to be like my fans, I would like to be like Madonna. – Madonna Ciccone
  7. In Westerns you were permitted to kiss your horse but never your girl – Gary Cooper
  8. I think the little girl in Smallville is terrific, but I only watched it once. – Margot Kidder
  9. A girl who is interested in becoming a model must first accept the fact that she is the product. She must be ready to deal with a lot of rejection. – Karolina Kurkova
  10. A Gorean slave girl in the presence of a free man or woman always kneels, unless excused from doing so. – John Norman
  11. I was stuck with looking like a girl As soon as I got out of music it was straight off to the hairdressers. – Adam Rickitt
  12. I work primarily for the camera -it's not something I really talk about a lot, but it's part of the way I am as a movie actor. The camera is my girl as it were. – Terence Stamp
  13. I've always been a very outdoors sort of girl I'm more a tomboy than a girly girl – Yvonne Strahovski
  14. I prefer working on films. I like the variety. There is nothing better than playing a bad girl for two months, then playing someone sweet for the next two. Films give you this opportunity. – Amy Weber
  15. There is nothing better than playing a bad girl for two months, then turning around and playing someone sweet. Films give you this opportunity. – Amy Weber

Usage examples for girl

  1. " Yes," replied the little girl I did. – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue Giving a Show by Laura Lee Hope
  2. The other girl was different. – Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  3. Fine girl isn't she? – The Bittermeads Mystery by E. R. Punshon
  4. Well, Nanda's the only girl – The Awkward Age by Henry James
  5. It was about the little girl – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell
  6. Do you really want the girl – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss
  7. Can you tell me, little girl – The Curlytops on Star Island by Howard R. Garis
  8. But I wasn't any wickeder 'n that girl – Dotty Dimple At Home by Sophie May
  9. " She will not wish that," said the girl – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  10. And the girl is gone. – The Road to Frontenac by Samuel Merwin
  11. " I know I may," the girl answered. – The Hunt Ball Mystery by Magnay, William
  12. " But, perhaps they won't be able to help it," mother, said the girl – The Boy Allies with Uncle Sams Cruisers by Ensign Robert L. Drake
  13. " My dear girl it's not hard to see what has happened to you. – Love and Lucy by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  14. " Why, yes," said the girl – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  15. She was the girl he was so much in love with. – T. Tembarom by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  16. Mother: Let be, girl – War Brides: A Play in One Act by Marion Craig Wentworth
  17. What did the girl look like? – The Madness of May by Meredith Nicholson
  18. I know a girl – The Adventures of Sally by P. G. Wodehouse
  19. I am not the same girl – The Translation of a Savage, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 12, 2009
  20. Never mind, little girl – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss

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